If you like *this*, check out these programs!

Choosing university programs to apply to can be totally intimidating, I get it!  There’s so many to choose from (Ryerson itself has over 60 undergraduate programs) that finding one to suit you can be difficult. 

Have no fear, I have provided a basic approach to finding a program that suits your interests: 

If you like *insert interest here* check out *insert awesome program(s) here*

How much easier can it get? 

If you like science, check out our programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) and the Faculty of Science (FoS)

Whether you’re into chemistry, biology, technology or engineering, either FEAS or FoS will have a program for you. Ryerson has nine different engineering programs, an architectural science program, and there are eight science programs in the Faculty of Science. 

If you like math, check out Accounting & Finance, Financial Mathematics and Mathematics and its Applications 

If numbers are your game and a career with mathematics is your aim, then the Accounting & Finance, Financial Mathematics and Mathematics and its Applications programs might be for you. Accounting & Finance will have some business components, while the other two programs are more math and science based. 

If you like business, check out the Ted Rogers School of Management and Creative Industries

If you like business, you’re in luck! Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) has six undergraduate business programs. Their programs range from specialisations in Entrepreneurship and Law & Business through our Business Management program, to Retail Management, so no matter what type of business you’re interested in, TRSM has a program for you!

If you like true crime, check out Criminology 

Sometimes when I tell people I’m into true crime, they’ll give me a funny look. True crime isn’t just grisly murders – it’s also about humans, justice and the law, which is what the Criminology program is all about. 

If you like movies, check out Film Studies and Creative Industries

Whether you like making movies, or just enjoy movies so much you want to work in the film industry, Ryerson has a program for you. Image Arts: Film Studies is perfect for hands-on learning for all aspects of filmmaking, while the Art and Business of Film module in the Creative Industries program is good for staying behind the scenes. 

If you like music, check out Professional Music 

This brand new program is perfect for anyone who has a passion for music and sees a career for themselves in the music industry. Professional Music covers all aspects of the industry, including business, music fundamentals and production.

If you like helping others, check out the Faculty of Community Services (FCS) 

Whether you want to work with children, help people with disabilities or become a social worker, FCS has 11 undergraduate programs where working with the public or for the public is a main aspect. 

If you like learning about the planet, check out Geographic Analysis and Environment and Urban Sustainability 

If climate change is an issue you’re passionate about, and you’re interested in what is affecting the environment and Earth, then Geographic Analysis and Environment and Urban Sustainability might be two programs that catch your attention to help you gain real-world experience in the field. 

If you like media, check out the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) 

If you like expressing your creativity through print, broadcast or any other type of media, FCAD has 15 undergraduate programs in the field. Their range of programs include Graphic Communication Management, Sport Media and Journalism.  

If you know what interests you, but don’t know what to specialize in, check out Undeclared Arts, Engineering or Science 

It is TOTALLY OKAY if you don’t know exactly what you like or want to pursue in university yet. Undeclared Arts allows for students to explore programs in the Faculty of Arts during their first year, and Undeclared Science is the same but within the FoS. Undeclared Engineering students can explore different engineering disciplines in their first semester. 

If one or more subjects on this list match your interests, don’t fret! There are electives and minors that can allow for you to learn more about a subject you also have interest in, even if it’s only for one course. 

This list in no way outlines all of the great programs we have here at Ryerson! You can take a look at all of our undergraduate programs on our website and even request a copy of our handbook to learn more about all Ryerson has to offer. 


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