If The Office Characters Went to Ryerson

Everyone’s favourite office workers belong to Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Inc, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Scranton is about a six-hour drive away from Toronto and their equivalent of the Eaton Centre is the Steamtown Mall. Despite Scranton being smaller than Toronto, the similarities may not end there. However, before Michael, Jim, Pam and the rest of the office found themselves at Dunder Mifflin, what would they have been like in university?

Michael Scott as the Manager in Training

There is no doubt that Michael would be a student in the Ted Rogers School of Management Business Management program. His aspirations to become the World’s Best Boss suit this program perfectly. Michael is also pursuing a minor in film studies to follow his screenwriting passion. In addition to his studies, Michael is also a part of Ryerson’s Improv Club and is thinking of getting YouTube to film his experiences as a university student to share with his peers and incoming students.


Jim Halpert as the Sports Enthusiast

Jim’s love for all of Toronto’s sports teams and the Philadelphia Eagles led him to Ryerson’s RTA: Sport Media program. His favourite subject within the program is sports marketing. He and his friend spoke about starting their own sports management company in the future. Jim attends all of the Ryerson Rams games he can at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. In his spare time, he hangs out with his girlfriend Pam, who he met at a CareerBoost on-campus job position. Jim is also spotted wearing some sort of Toronto Raptors paraphernalia whenever he’s on campus.


Pam Beesley as the “Graphic Design is My Passion” Student

Pam’s passion for graphic design would lead her to Ryerson’s Graphic Communication Management program. For her summer internship, she dreams of designing logos for a large firm. Outside of class, she partakes in visual arts programs through the City of Toronto. Pam loves to spend her weekend perusing the Art Gallery of Ontario (for free) and sometimes brings her boyfriend Jim along.


Dwight Schrute as the Ryerson Student That Doesn’t Love the City

Dwight’s passion is his beet farm at home, which led him to the Environment and Urban Sustainability program. Despite attending school in the middle of downtown Toronto, he doesn’t love the city and spends most of his time on the Ryerson Urban Farm green roof at the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre. He even sells his beets at the Ryerson Urban Farm Stand during the spring. Alongside his major, Dwight is doing a minor in Tourism because of his interest to one day operate an inn on his beet farm. He’s part of almost all of the martial arts clubs on campus from Karate to Kickboxing to Taekwondo.


Andy Bernard as the Business Savvy Theatre Student

Andy Bernard is part of the Performance: Acting program. His acting and vocal capabilities have made him popular in the performance world at Ryerson. Besides performing in class, he is also a part of the Ryerson Musical Theatre Company and Ryerson’s a cappella group, the Ryenamics. He’s also completing a Sales Management and Service Quality minor so he can work alongside his theatre performances. Andy also has the most Ryerson school spirit you have ever seen and mentions in almost every single conversation that he goes to Ryerson.

School and the workplace are two very different places. Toronto may be much larger than Scranton, but The Office workers would still find a way to make Ryerson their own.

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