If Superstore characters went to Ryerson

Out of all of the new television shows I’ve watched in the past year, I think the sitcom Superstore is among my favourites. In my opinion, it’s one of the best sitcoms… ever. I first watched this show after a recommendation from one of my friends. I’ve been rewatching it over the past few weeks, thinking about what our favourite retail workers would be like as Ryerson students. 


Jonah Simms as the business student with a lot to say

Jonah was originally in business school before he found himself working at Cloud 9, so it only makes sense that he would go to Ryerson for the Business Management program. He would also be minoring in Politics so he could expand his knowledge on what’s going on in the world. Outside of classes he would be part of the Debate Association because of his love of discussing his opinions on… everything, whether he’s asked to or not. 


Amy Dubanowski as the passionate retail management student

Ever since she started working her retail job at Cloud 9 in high school, Amy has always wanted to learn more about how retail actually works. When she found out about Ryerson’s Retail Management program she knew it was right for her. In between classes Amy works at one of the many retail stores at the Eaton Centre, always using a different name tag so none of the customers ever know her real name. Amy is also a mentor in the Tri-Mentoring Program, sharing her outstanding Ryerson and Toronto knowledge with her first-year mentee.


Glenn Sturgis as the kind, hospitable manager 

Glenn Sturgis seemed like the kindest manager ever! Although, I think that maybe retail wasn’t for Glenn. He cares a lot about the Cloud 9 brand and their customers, which makes me think that Ryerson’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program would be better suited for Glenn. His passion for fostering and helping children would also lead him to minor in Child and Youth Services


Garrett McNeil as the tech-savvy comedian

Garrett’s interest in video games and all kinds of media would have him in RTA: New Media so he could work on his interests in class. Outside of class, Garrett would also be part of Ryerson’s ESports so he could play all the video games he wants with his peers, even though his best friend Randy will always be his go-to (much to Jonah’s dismay). Garrett would also practice his comedic storytelling skills and one-liners as a host on Ryerson’s radio station CJRU 1280AM.


Dina Fox as the responsible one 

As the assistant manager of Cloud 9, Dina LOVED the rules, being prepared and keeping everyone safe—even if it meant being a little extra sometimes. This would lead her to Ryerson’s Public Health program where she can learn even more ways to protect the community. She would also minor in Retail and Services Management to keep up her retail education. Dina is also a member of Ryerson’s vegan club RU Veg. Her love of birds is evident from the way she talks to the pigeons that are always right outside the Student Learning Centre.


Cheyenne Lee as the lovable dancer with dreams

Even though she works at Cloud 9, Cheyenne’s passion is dance. She would be part of the Performance: Dance program where she could show off her moves and learn more about the subject. Cheyenne would also be part of RyeBeauty, Ryerson’s student-run beauty community, so she could learn more about makeup. Alongside her program, she would also minor in Business Essentials so she could maybe one day run her own makeup company.


Toronto is a fair distance away from St. Louis, Missouri, but who knows, maybe a Cloud 9 will open up near campus soon!


Featured image: NBC

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