If Parks and Rec characters went to Ryerson

Pawnee, Indiana and Toronto, Ontario are two very different places. Toronto doesn’t have a ton of large park space, but Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation Department would still find a way to shine at Ryerson. 

Leslie Knope

Pawnee’s favourite Parks employee would no doubt be part of Ryerson’s Politics and Governance program to help guide her towards her political dreams. Alongside her classes, she somehow has time to be President of the Ryerson Student Union, participate in Ryerson’s Model United Nations AND the Debate Association. She sees the brightside wherever she goes, and is more than likely to strike up a conversation with any stranger she sees in downtown Toronto. Every morning you can see her eating waffles at Oakham Café with her friend Ron Swanson. 


Ben Wyatt

Ben’s talent and proficiency with numbers leads him to Ryerson’s Accounting & Finance program, where he is the coolest accountant around. He is also a member of the E-Sports Club where he plays tournaments with his fellow Ryerson Rams, and is currently designing his own board game. In addition, Leslie convinced him to minor in Public Administration, in case he ever wants to get into politics. 


Ann Perkins

Ann Perkins belongs at Ryerson’s Collaborative Nursing program. She met her best friend Leslie Knope while at a town hall meeting on campus where Ann was complaining about how sometimes people aren’t always silent on the silent floor at the Student Learning Centre (SLC). Leslie vowed to keep the seventh floor as silent as possible for her new best friend. Ann can always be seen supporting Leslie at her various extracurriculars, and Leslie is always sad when Ann isn’t on campus while doing her clinical placement. 


Tom Haverford

Tom’s motivation to start his own business and find his truth leads him to the Ted Rogers School of Management Business Management – Entrepreneurship program. To test his entrepreneurial skills, Tom loves to hop in between Ryerson’s Zones (his favourite being the Fashion Zone) to see what he can do with his passion for fashion. 


Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson’s passion for woodwork would lead him to major in Architectural Science so his chairs, tables and other magnificent works could be the best they could be. He would also minor in Environment and Urban Sustainability because of his love for nature and solitude. Each morning before classes he gets the student loan special breakfast at Oakham with his friend Leslie, always asking for extra bacon.


April Ludgate 

It took April a while for her to find her footing at Ryerson, originally starting in Undeclared Arts and working an on-campus CareerBoost job. Eventually she found her way to the Social Work program where she finds her true passion: helping people. Convinced by her friend Leslie, April also minored in Public Relations

Even though they’re all in different programs, Leslie would still try to get the gang together as often as possible by booking private rooms for them at the SLC, except for Ron, who would have his own room just the way he likes it. 

Where do you think the rest of the Parks and Rec gang would fit in at Ryerson? 




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