If Friends Characters Were Ryerson Students

Imagine this: you’re sitting in Balzac’s on the Ryerson campus and a group of six friends walk in and go to the table that… always seems to be empty for them? They talk loudly about their day, love lives and something about a break. This isn’t the first time you’ve seen them—they’re here all the time. Do they even go to classes? How much money do they spend on coffee? Do they have jobs?

If the characters of the 90s sitcom Friends went to Ryerson, it is guaranteed that the scene above would be a daily occurrence. Besides hanging out at Balzac’s on the daily, what else would Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey be up to?


Rachel Green as the Fabulous Fashion Student

Here at Ryerson, Rachel is a star student in the Bachelor of Design Fashion program. She’s in the Fashion Communication concentration and dreams of working at a large fashion company like Ralph Lauren. Her favourite thing about Toronto is all the shopping she can do. Being steps away from the Eaton Centre is dangerous. When she’s feeling more adventurous she strolls down Queen Street West, the heart of the fashion district. Rachel also follows blogTO religiously and her Instagram feed is the best out of all the friends.


Ross Geller as the Historian In Training

Unfortunately for Ross, there’s no paleontology program here at Ryerson. Instead, he’s studying history and thinking about the double major History and Sociology program. Ross spends his free time at the Royal Ontario Museum looking at dinosaur skeletons and more. He also works there part-time and is hoping to work there full time once he graduates from school.


Monica Geller as the Foodie

Monica’s passion for food led her to the Nutrition and Food Bachelor of Applied Science program. Her determination and hardworking attitude easily sees her at the top of the class. In her spare time, she cooks for her friends in her mysteriously large (and spotless) downtown condo that used to be her aunt’s. When she doesn’t feel like cooking, Monica visits one of the hundreds of prestigious restaurants in downtown Toronto. She even runs her own food blog and is hoping to one day have a brand deal or own her own restaurant.


Chandler Bing as the Marketing Guy

It took Chandler awhile to decide which program to major in—but he ultimately decided on marketing from the Ted Rogers School of Management after trying out some finance stuff. His friends used to have no idea what his program was, but now they do. He always tells the worst jokes in class, forgetting that the class clowns aren’t really a thing in university. Chandler’s comedy chops are better put to use as a comedy and satire writer for The Eyeopener. Sometimes he’s not great at school, but can he interest you in a sarcastic comment?


Phoebe Buffay as the Downtown Environmental Activist 

Phoebe is in the Environment and Urban Sustainability program because of her love for the earth. She’s also pursuing a minor in Philosophy so her curiosity can be satisfied. Sometimes she misses class to attend protests at Queens Park or Nathan Phillips Square. On campus, she’s part of Musicians @ Ryerson, where she brings her guitar and sings “Smelly Cat” at every open mic night at Ram in the Rye while she eats a quinoa burger. When she’s not at Balzac’s with the rest of the gang, she’s studying in Kerr Quad to be one with nature.


Joey Tribbiani as the Actor With Potential

There’s nowhere else Joey belongs other than the Performance: Acting program. Toronto being the hotspot for Canadian entertainment, Joey has no issues finding auditions and opportunities. Joey is part of the Ryerson Musical Theatre Company and already bought tickets for all his friends to see that year’s production. He loves to visit Little Italy whenever he has the chance and he’s currently on the hunt for the best meatball sub in the city. Joey is also thinking about pursuing a minor in French, so one thing on his resume can be true.


Toronto is basically the New York City of Canada, meaning the Friends group would feel right at home here at Ryerson.

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