How You Can Be 90% Ready For Final Exams

Transitioning from high school to university can be tough. Transitioning from one year to another year of university can also be tough. But that’s okay, because Ryerson University has all the resources we could possibly require to have a successful undergraduate journey.

With final exams around the corner, here’s a list of all the ways Ryerson can help you become 90% ready for your exams. Take a look below!

Student Learning Support at the Ryerson Student Learning Centre

Student Learning Support

Student Learning Support | Canadian Architect

1. Create a study plan and manage your time

Meet with a Peer Academic Coach to develop personalized study plans this exam season. Depending on what’s most convenient for you, you can meet them in person or online, and just watch your time-management, note-taking, test-taking, reading and exam preparation skills improve!

2. Developing your English language skills

Ryerson offers programs designed to help multilingual students improve and develop their English communication skills. You can book an individual appointment or join a group to gain oral fluency and interpersonal communication skills.

3. Understanding a math or statistics problem

Ryerson also offers support, both in-person and online, to all Ryerson students looking for help with math, statistics, and computer science.

4. Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) and Engineering Tutoring

Are you in Engineering? Or taking any of these courses: CHY103, CHY142, MTH131, MTH140, MTH108, etc.? Drop-in to a discussion-based, course-specific tutoring session! SLGs meet several times throughout the week. You’ll soon become a master of these courses!

Academic Success Center at the Ted Rogers School of Management

Academic Success Centre

Academic Success Centre | Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management Blog


1. Tutoring & Peer-Assisted Study Groups

You can meet with upper-year Academic Peer Helpers that provide group support so you can gain a stronger grasp of concepts in courses such as Accounting, Business Statistics, Finance, Law, Marketing etc.

2. 1-on-1 Appointments: Learning Consultations

Book a learning consultation with a Learning Strategist to help you create a learning plan tailored to your lifestyle. They will help you find strategies to improve your ability to learn in this university’s environment.

3. Peer Academic Coaches (PACs)

Upper-year students are trained to share study skills tips, mentor and help you navigate through your academics. Each PAC has also overcome their own obstacles, so they understand and can empathize with what you’re going through.

4. The Guided Academic Planning Program (GAPP)

The GAPP is a peer-assisted program to guide TRSM students with a CGPA equal to or less than 1.3 and/or on qualifying probation to develop attainable goals to improve their academic performance. So know that it’s okay to not be doing too well in school at the moment-GAPP will do its best to try and help you in every way possible.

Residence Help

Pitman Hall

Pitman Hall | Ryerson University

1. Academic Links (ALs)

Academic Links are trained live-in student staff who focus on academics. They are assigned to faculties. ALs connect residence students to their specific faculty and also to other academic resources on campus. They provide regular programming and also maintain office hours for your convenience.

Study Rooms

Student Learning Centre

Student Learning Centre | Narcity

1. Student Learning Centre

There’s a wide variety of rooms to choose from in this gorgeous, newly built building. There are quiet rooms, large rooms, small rooms, seminar rooms, rooms with gorgeous views and the best part of it all – they all have whiteboards, markers and TV screens you can connect your computer too!

2. Library

If you’re in search for even quieter study spaces and interested in checking out books or laptops as well, studying in the library would be the perfect spot for you.

3. Ted Rogers School of Management

TRSM has several breakout rooms located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building that you can book online for studying. These rooms have a lot of natural light thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. They also have whiteboards and TV screens, similar to the SLC rooms.


So go ahead and make these room bookings! Get as much studying done as possible! These are just a few of Ryerson’s resources-there are so many more located all throughout Ryerson’s different faculties.

They will, however, only help you prepare 90% for your exams. To achieve the rest of the 10%, remember to put in a LOT of hard work from your end. Good luck!


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