How to Survive the Toronto Winter

Spring is finally here which means I can finally shove my Canada Goose jacket into the back of my closet! We Torontonians however, are not quick to forget the harsh winters we have to endure every year. Here’s a survival guide that I’m sure some of you not so well-versed in Canadian winters will appreciate!

Get a heavy-duty parka

Student in a Canada Goose parka

A student wearing a parka | Ryerson Folio

Few (if any) outerwear pieces can keep you warm in -30°C conditions, which is why everyone needs a good parka. I’d recommend getting one that hits at least your mid-thigh for maximum coverage. Parkas can actually be much more affordable than some people would lead you on to believe. Of course, there’s the option to splurge on something, but just know that more affordable options that will also do the job. Consider your parka to be a new best friend.; treat it right and it will do the same for you for many winters.

Dress in layers

Thermal underwear

UNIQLO’s HEATTECH Collection is great for layering underneath your regular clothes | UNIQLO

If a parka still isn’t doing the trick of keeping your top half warm, you could also wear multiple layers underneath it. For example, try wearing a flannel shirt over top of a long sleeve tee. Keeping your bottom half warm is slightly harder. My go-to in extreme temperatures is wearing thermal underwear underneath a pair of corduroy pants. Remember: it’s better to be too warm than too cold because you can always take layers off.

Cover your head

A face mask | Amazon

Getting caught in strong winds with nothing to cover your head makes for a miserable experience. Hats, hoods and ear muffs do the trick of protecting your ears, but don’t be so quick to forget about your nose and mouth. A thick scarf is a stylish accessory that you can also use to cover your neck and face. Personally, I like to use a neoprene face mask to cover my face and ears. You can buy these fairly cheap on Amazon.

Get a stylish pair of winter boots

Boots stepping into puddle

Weatherproof Chelsea boots | Cole Haan

In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than cold feet, which is why you need at least one good pair of boots that covers your ankles. You’re going to want something with a thick leather sole as anything with a leather or crepe sole is going to make you feel like you’re walking on a Slip’N Slide. A pair of thick leather Chelsea boots will keep your feet dry, warm and stylish in the city.

Stave off the winter blues

cold game of thrones GIF

Winter blues | Giphy

Dark, cold winter days coupled with exam season may bring about the “winter blues.” If you start feeling a bit sluggish and unlike your usual self, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing them. This will fade, but it’s important in these times to practice self-care. Eat healthy, get enough sleep and make sure you get a lot of sunlight during those sunnier days. In fact, do some winter activities like skating on Lake Devo.

That’s it for surviving winter! Best of luck to you next year, future Torontonians!

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