How To Optimize Your Computer for University

Summer is in full speed and school is quickly approaching. With that being said, in order to a be a successful student it’s important to use your computer to the best of your ability! I’m going to share a couple quick tips with you for how you can optimize your computer for university!

Download Microsoft Office for free

Thats right, University students get Microsoft Office 365 for FREE.  You can access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams. All of these programs work way better than the already installed programs that come with computers and are often required for a lot of university classes. OneNote is my favourite part of Office 365, and a lifesaver. You can organize your notes by class and semester and you can easily share notes with friends when needed. The best part is it saves everything online, so it doesn’t take up space on your computer and you can access it on your phone or anywhere else you may want to look at it.


Turn on Desire2Learn (D2L) email or text notifications

Once you have enrolled in classes and have access to your my.ryerson account, you will notice a lot of important communications from your professors come on D2L. In order to avoid checking 5 times a day to see if you have an upcoming deadline, the next lecture or if your exam mark was posted, turn on email or text notifications. This will allow you to stay in the loop and never miss a beat.


Download the Ryerson Grade Calculator

Want to take a peek at how you’re doing in school so far? Are you not sure how to convert your grades into a Grade Point Average (GPA)? The Ryerson Grade Calculator can solve both of these problems for you! By simply inputting your grades so far in each course, you can see what your current average in a course is and what your overall GPA is. You can also add in estimates of what you expect to receive on future exams or assignments and get an idea of what your end of semester GPA or Cumulative GPA will be. Don’t miss out on this amazing resource!!



Meet your new best-friend: bookmarks. You will be using a lot of different websites in University for various different classes and i’s important to save them on your computer as a bookmark so you have easy access whenever you need them. Make sure to bookmark any website you are using for certain classes for the semester, such as online simulations or online textbooks. To get you started, here are a couple of important bookmarks for all Ryerson students:


Clean out your computer in the summer

Organizing your files and deleting old unnecessary files before school starts allows you to enter the school year with one less thing to worry about. As some computers get full very fast, summer is a great time to upload files you want to keep to Google Drive if you are low on space on your computer. You will be using your computer a lot in university, so save yourself the hassle of seeing a “storage full” notification on your screen everyday and clean out your computer now! (This is something you should do after every semester of university!)


Bonus: Don’t have a computer yet but looking to get one? Both Apple and Microsoft have student deals!

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