How to mentally prepare for university

You may have decided Ryerson is the school for you, but have you truly mentally prepared for university? The transition from high school to university is probably one of the largest transitions you will have during your lifetime, and it’s important to prepare your mind for this experience. Here are some tips to get your brain in the headspace of university before you’re even there:


1. Read some books in your field

Utilize your free time to gain some new knowledge about what you will be studying at university and remind yourself why you decided to study this topic in the first place. By the time university starts, your brain will be in the right mindset to continue your learning, and you may even have some extra information that will make learning and memorization in your classes easier.


2. Find time management tools that work for you

A university course load is more intense than a high school course load. Beyond this, you may also decide to work a part-time job, join student groups, and attend events and fitness classes. Fitting all of this in isn’t possible if you don’t prioritize upcoming tasks and plan ahead. The best way to ensure you are doing this is to use a physical or digital planner. Google Calendar works great for helping you to never double book yourself, and your classes will automatically be added to your Ryerson Google calendar. It is also a good idea to add in additional mechanisms including to-do lists, phone reminders, sticky note reminders and whatever else may work for you!


3.  Commit to trying new things

The university experience is all about trying new things and meeting new people. Everything may not go according to plan, and some things may not be right for you, but do your best to try some things outside of your comfort zone. This may include reaching out to people in your classes or joining a club based on your interests. You can start learning more about what clubs Ryerson has to offer by researching student groups now!


4. Revamp your resumé

In order to know what you want to accomplish while you’re in university, it’s important to take a good look at your resumé, and evaluate where you want to improve before and during university. Should you be volunteering more? Should you be doing online tutorials to learn new skills for things like Adobe and Microsoft software? Are you looking to gain more retail or customer service experience as a stepping stone for experience in your industry? Try to answer these questions, and track how these answers and your progress changes after each year in university.

5. Finish a Netflix series about university life

This one is probably the most fun but in my opinion a right of passage for all incoming university students. Although there are a lot of myths on tv shows about university and college, there is also a lot of truth about the experience. Watching a Netflix series can get your mind ready for your experience, but also can be a great conversation starter with other Ryerson students who have probably seen some of the classic university or college shows. If you’re not sure what to watch, some options that are on Netflix are Gilmore Girls, Scream Queens, Dear White People, Community, The Order and Gossip Girl.


6. Acquaint yourself with Ryerson mental health services

University will be harder than high school, and it may come with new challenges that you didn’t expect. The best way to deal with these challenges is by knowing ahead of time the resources that are available to you to help you get through it. Ryerson has great mental health and wellbeing services that are available to all students. Some of these services include peer-led support groups, group and individual counselling and more. Beyond this, Ryerson and each of the faculties have additional academic support to help students with the transition.

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