How to master your virtual networking events

This year might look different for a lot of us, but don’t let it hold you back from meeting new people and create meaningful connections that will impact your personal and professional growth. As a Hospitality and Tourism Management student who is people-driven, I have tested several ways to engage with industry leaders, potential employers and mentors whom I can only see through small Zoom squares. Check out my three simple tips below to become a pro at virtual meetings xD


Even in a virtual setting, the person sitting across the screen will still form their first impression of you by the way you look. So before meeting with them, groom yourself! Personally, I find that business casual is the best dress code for most occasions. An ideal outfit for your next virtual meeting can be a white top with a blazer!

Outfit idea

Outfit Idea | Pexels


Nobody likes to stare blankly at the screen. Give yourself at least five minutes before any events to set yourself in the mood. This extra five-minute will also allow you to test if the connection is stable for the call.


Meeting Set up| Pexels


You can do this by looking at the webcam. I actually received this tip from a senior manager at Rogers during a Breakfast Panel organized by Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM)’s Sales Leaderships Program (SLP)

So next time instead of looking at the other person’s eyes from a straight angle on the screen, you can keep your eyes at the same level as the webcam, and glance down to see the opposite person’s reaction! 

Online eye-contact | Pexels

ABOVE ALL, BE YOURSELF AND ENJOY YOURSELF! Virtual networking events can always be fun and helpful if you view it that way. You can also book a 1:1 meeting with career consultants at TRSM’s Business Career Hub to get more tips on how to win people and best prepare for your next interviews.


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