How To: Get Motivated For School After A Long Break In 3 Easy Steps

If you’re anything like me, having almost a full month’s break from my last exam to the first day of school in the New Year makes me excited to be back! I missed all hustle and bustle of the downtown core, learning new things, and meeting new people. But one week into school and I’m already starting to feel the stress of being a full time university student with getting all new books and having readings completed on time so you actually know what the professor is talking about in class.

So… how to survive the last few months of school (4.5 months to be exact) before having a 4 month sunny, warm, and exciting summer break?

1. Focus on your end goal. Set yourself some goals of what you would like to achieve by the end of the four months such as: joining new clubs, attending networking seminars, getting an A+ in very course, or learn to finally stop procrastinating! This step helps me to look forward to something and makes time fly!

2. Don’t doubt yourself. Being in a classroom where the course is mandatory in your program and seems impossible to learn can be a downer, but just remember that the majority of students in the class are thinking the same thing. Besides you’re not the first or last person taking the course, so keep your head up high because you can do it! P.S if you’re still struggling come and check out Ryerson’s free Tri Mentoring Program here It’s where students from upper level classes help tutor those from lower level classes that need help. This is a good way to make some new friends too!

3. Find a balance. Try and main a healthy diet of friends, exercise, family, school work, and other fun things! Remember, everything in moderation! Set your priorities first, and then decide how to fill in your free time or where you have to, adjust your schedule.

Keep your head up high and keep smiling, because being a Ryerson student is great!

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