How To Be A True Ram

The Rams are what? DYNAMITE! 

If you’re just considering Ryerson, or currently attend here but live under a rock, you may not know a lot about our Ryerson Rams. Here’s five ways that you can be the best Rams Fan possible!

yTG0R1. Watch the games online via the Rams Network!
Can’t make it in person? No problem. All games are accessible online via the Rams Network. Follow along the games by cheering on our home team and showing your support on social media using #WeRRams!

2. Swipe your Ryerson One Card at each game
This is new for 2015-2016! With Connect RU you’ll be entered to win some pretty awesome prizes based on how frequently you visit a game. If you attend the most games in one month, you win a pretty sick prize. (Last month, someone low key won $200!)

3. Keep up with Stats and Standings
Did you know that Ryerson has CIS sports teams? Last year we even hosted the CIS mens basketball championships! By visiting the OUA and CIS websites, you can monitor how our teams are doing compared to other Universities in Canada. From there, start to figure out your favourite athletes!

4. Master the Ryerson Cheers
There’s no formal place where you can see every Ryerson cheer that exists. This is one you have to get the hang of by hanging out with Residence students and listening closely at Games. BUT. Since we’re friends.. I’ll list the most important one…
“Ryerson!” (x2)
“We got the spirit” (x2)
“Ryerson!” (x2)
“Come on let’s hear it!” (x2) 
“Na na na na na na na na na na na na na hey hey hey!” (together) 

5. Swag out in your Rams gear
Nothing says a Ryerson student like rolling up to your 8am class wearing a Rams sweater and Ryerson sweatpants. Visit the Campus Store (on Gould St.) or the Mattamy Athletic Centre to pick up some of your own gear. And remember: there’s no shame in face paint!


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