How Ryerson helped me land my dream job

Ok, so I know I’ve already made a Devil Wears Prada reference in a previous post, but as an aspiring fashion journalist, you have to forgive me for all the other cliché references to come in this blog post. Brace yourselves!

As I mentioned before, and you can probably guess, I’m an International Student Ambassador, which is why I write these blog posts. In my intro post, I also shared all the other things I’m involved with/the other jobs I work. What I haven’t mentioned so far is my day job. 

During the day, I work at Harper’s Bazaar Arabia where I write articles, post on their socials, curate their daily newsletter and do lots of other cool stuff!

Now I know you must be wondering, “Okay, good for you – how is that relevant to Ryerson?” So allow me to explain.

Truthfully, a big part of how I landed my job was the fact that I attend Ryerson.

Right off the bat, when I received an interview my interviewer talked about how as someone who studied in Canada, she wishes she attended Ryerson herself! 

She knew it was a great school and said she was excited that she was getting to interview someone who attends it. Can you believe it? I was so nervous about interviewing at such a huge company, but there she was, excited to speak to me and it was all thanks to being a Ram.

What’s more, once I stuck the landing and got the job, Ryerson still came through for me and landed me great opportunities and the ability to make great connections. When people around the office would ask for someone to help out, my boss would say in passing “Oh, Zainab could help. She goes to a really good journalism school in Toronto.”

As someone who is obsessed with the show The Bold Type, I truly felt like I was living my ultimate big-girl dream. If you told me even six months ago that this would be my reality, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Aside from the reputation the school has and how great the education is, I truly believe a really big part of what helped me land the job was all the experience I bagged at Ryerson.

Before coming to university, I thought my resumé looked pretty good. But it was only once I actually got here that I realized there was so much more experience I was missing out on.

Receiving the opportunity to do things like becoming Editor in Chief, writing for a variety of publications and being part of my program’s course union are all things that led me to acquire the perfect skills and knowledge I’d need to excel at my job.

So if you’re reading this and you’re debating on whether or not to attend Ryerson, let this be another reason to add to the pros list. Ryerson isn’t just a school that you attend for four years and leave you to fend for yourself after, it’s a community that sets you up for life.

Now, time for me to go live my best Carrie Bradshaw life – until next time!

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