How I Choose My Classes

Before each semester, Ryerson students search through the course calendar to see which classes are being offered in their programs that semester and which ones they’re interested in taking. This can be a tricky process, especially when there’s an abundance of interesting classes you want to take, but eventually you have to narrow down the classes that are best suited to your interests and which may offer the most beneficial and unique experience! I love the process of choosing my Media Production courses each semester, so I thought I’d share the reasoning behind every choice and what I’m hoping to get out of these classes!

Core Class: Media Aesthetics and Culture 

What: My one required class this semester, although I’m sure I’d pick it even if it wasn’t. This is a lecture class where we look at how media affects our culture and its value in our society. We look at representation in media and study and critique different forms of storytelling.


What: An in-depth look into existential philosophy, the study of what it means to exist.

Why: I’ve taken two other philosophy classes before, and now I’m obsessed with them. They always have the most interesting profs and unparalleled class discussions. We get to read really fascinating essays and talk about super deep life stuff. Also, since I’m interested in television and writing, I always use these classes to develop a deeper understanding of the world that will help my writing.

Editing Specialty

What: A lab class focusing on editing principles and techniques with a focus on how it shapes visual storytelling.

Why: After getting to do a ton of editing this year, I realized how important it is and that I wanted to improve my skills in this area. Also, I learned that I can sit at a computer editing for 5 hours and have it fly by because I’m so immersed in what I’m doing!

Writing for Animation

What: A hands-on lab class where we learn all about writing for animated television and produce our own scripts.

Why: A no-brainer for someone who wants to write for television. Getting to experience writing my own story and learn about a different type of storytelling is extremely valuable!

News and Current Affairs Theory

What: A study of the theory involved in news communication and what it means for us to interact with this type of media.

Why: This class was an opportunity to take something very new to me and expand my mind. I’m really interested in the news but have never gotten to take a class that studies it in more depth, so I’m really excited to see where it takes me!

And there you have an overview of my semester. I’m very happy with my choices to delve deeper into my interests while being able to try something different at the same time. It’s not easy to plan out which courses will benefit you the most, but once you do, you can trust that you’ll have the very best university experience!

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