Hopes and Goals for Fourth Year

I can’t believe I’m already thinking about graduating university!!! It seems like only yesterday I was getting ready to graduate high school and go to Ryerson, and now fourth year is almost here! All things must come to an end but not just yet. Here are some of my goals/hopes/things I’m looking forward to in my last year of my undergrad career:

Attend more campus events

Valentine's day party on Community

I really want to put myself out there next year and attend more events on campus! GIF from here.

In fourth year, I really want to take advantage of more events that happen on campus. There are so many sports games, and student groups that host mingling events, karaoke, and other activities, and I never end up pushing myself to go. Fourth year will be different. This is my last chance to meet new people, and I want to make an effort to improve my social life, to be honest.

Be inspired and motivated by my classes

Vince Vaughan in class, raising his hand in front of a student.

I want to be so interested in my classes that I want to participate all the time! GIF from here.

I haven’t been extremely excited about a course I’ve taken in a while. However, I think fourth year will be the year that most of my classes really interest me. For my last year of university I was able to choose more electives and enrol in courses that will hopefully challenge me, inspire me, and cause me to think in new and interesting ways.

Have consistent time management skills

Jim Carrey typing fast on the computer.

I want to get things done as quickly as possible next year! GIF from here.

I always start the semester with A1 time management skills. I plan my time, I get things done, I feel good. But somewhere during midterm season, I lose my way, and I suddenly find myself having to do my schoolwork on a tighter deadline than necessary. In fourth year, I REALLY want to keep my time management consistent, and work hard to stay on top of my game for (most of) the year.

Have my best year yet, academically 

Cher from Clueless showing a portrait of her mother her report card.

Improving my GPA would indeed be very groovy. GIF from here.

By staying consistent with my time management, I hope I will be able to get good grades. And I mean very good. I plan to apply to master’s programs at the end of the year, and I want to make sure my GPA is especially high next year to impress the recruiting team. I love excelling academically, and I plan to finish university with my highest marks yet.

Learn to be more content with the present 

Zendaya saying she's not trying to grow up too fast.

I feel you, Zendaya. GIF from here.

I love how I wrote this point on a post about what I look forward to months from now. But I need to start being happy with the present, and be thankful for where my life is at every moment. I am constantly thinking about the future and planning my next step, that I end up missing different moments instead of embracing them. Especially since it may be my last year at Ryerson (I’m applying to a Master’s program at Rye), I want to truly experience and enjoy my time, and be grateful living in the “now”.


What are your hopes for next school year?

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