Hi, my name is Tavia Bakowski, and I blog!

Hey there! My name is Tavia and I’m one of the new bloggers/Snapchatters on the WhyRyerson team! I’m pretty stoked to be able to share the last leg of my journey through Ryerson (I’m in fourth year) with you all, and hopefully get you excited for your time here.

I’m currently studying Creative Industries, which is easily the most difficult program to explain to anyone ever. It’s kind of like… a mixture of the arts industries with a huge business component. Imagine someone who is able to speak to both the creative class and the business folk of this world and help negotiate the best of both words for both parties. It’s a pretty awesome program, if I do say myself. Being part of the first graduating class for this program has brought a world of difficulties that I wouldn’t have ever expected, but it has been a fantastic ride. I actually just finished a rocking internship at the Canadian Olympic Committee thanks to this program’s mandatory internship placement and it has been the highlight of my education. I have never learned so much in such a short period of time. The fear of the unknown that is about to occur in January when I’m trying to figure out what I can do with a BA in Creative Industries will be one of the biggest hurdles I’ll face during my time here, and I am more than happy to document it all here.

Tavia Bakowski in Team Canada gear.

All right, this next section is going to get confusing – bear with me. The past three years have been a balancing act between work and play. I got extremely involved during my first year here by joining my course union and a culture group in the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU). The RSU represents all full-time undergraduate and graduate students on campus, and provides them with services to make your life a bit easier while you are here at Ryerson. They have a number of student groups under them and I happened to stumble upon two during my first year where I learned the ropes of “student leadership”. From there I ended up joining the Ryerson Communication and Design Society (RCDS) which is a student lead society that helps connect students within the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) to academic and professional connections. We also try and help support all the students and student groups under us by building a community through collaboration and bringing students together. I spent a year as their vice president of events during my third year and now I am honoured to say I am the president, helping guide a wicked team through this year.

Tavia Bakowski doing Karaoke with her friends.

A mini explanation of the feature photo/title may be in order (taken by my wonderful friend Rachel Boere). I made five “Hello my name is” posts on the Canadian Olympic Committee’s site, and I really just wanted my own instead of writing one for the athletes. Now for the photo, this was me pre-eyebrow game, since this photo I have learned to do them quite well. Second, I love the colour red and I am always (always!!!!!) on my electronic devices so if you see me on campus this is probably how you’re going to catch me 95.6% of the time. Please feel free to say hi whenever you like! I don’t bite!

I hope this has been a ;TDLR about me that didn’t take too long to read… If it did here are the main points accompanied by a few fun facts that I didn’t write about:

  • I am in my fourth year of Creative Industries
  • My specialty is finding shortcuts on campus (this will be a blogpost soon)
  • Student leadership is my guilty pleasure
  • I have eaten at almost every restaurant within walking distance of campus
  • Leaving Ryerson this year is a scary but exciting concept to me
  • I like sports, particularly the Olympics/soccer/hockey (I only play soccer through) (the #CANWNT is my lifeline) (I met them this summer, and almost died)
  • Karaoke nights are my passion (as seen above)
  • I know every bubble tea place within campus reach

Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to spending this year with you all! Cheers!

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