Hi I’m Emma Young-Buchalter!

Hello everyone! My name is Emma, and I am super excited to be sharing my Ryerson experience with you all this summer!

Who Am I?

I am a Marketing Major Business Management Student going into my third year at Ryerson this upcoming Fall. The past two years have probably been the busiest and the best of my life to date. I love marketing, student leadership and entertainment.

Why Ryerson?

During my last two years of high school I had really taken a liking to business and more specifically marketing. Since I am from Ontario, while growing up I often would come to Toronto for random day trips with my family or friends for the endless amount of amazing entertainment, or shopping opportunities. It was during one of these day trips that I first fell in love with Ryerson! I had always loved big cities and wanted to live in one but I had no idea where I wanted to go to University at the time. After seeing the downtown campus, I became very intrigued and found more information about Ryerson from Ryerson’s websites and social media. I instantly fell in love with Ryerson’s Business Management Program. The program had everything I was looking for including courses that looked interesting to me, the option for co-op and student groups that I really wanted to be a part of. To add, how amazing would it be to study marketing right in the centre of some of the most vibrant and interesting advertisement campaigns?? So you could say I was pretty stoked when I got the acceptance letter to Ryerson.

5 Fun Facts

Here are some random things about me that you are welcome to ask me more about:

  1. I am a HUGE ice cream fan. I have a long list of ice cream places I need to try in Toronto in which I am conquering and updating daily.

    Dog eating ice cream | Giphy

  2. I lived in the (now closed) O’Keefe House residence during my first year. I loved the idea of having the residence experience while also living in a cool old mansion.O'Keefe residence
  3. The first student group I joined in University was Enactus Ryerson, which is a global organization that uses entrepreneurial action to create positive social, environmental and economical change. The previous school year I held the position of a Social Media Director.
  4.  I was a Marketing Associate for the Ryerson Entertainment Conference the previous school year as well. Entertainment marketing is something that I have been interested in since high school so being a part of this conference was a really big highlight for me.
    Emma at The Ryerson Entertainment Conference

    The Ryerson Entertainment Conference took place at The Globe and Mail Centre this year (aka we had amazing views).

  5. I enjoy photography as a pastime and love finding new places to take photos.
    The Brooklyn Bridge at night

    The Brooklyn Bridge | Photography by me

More blog posts coming your way real soon!

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