Hello, My Name is… (Raven)


My name is Raven Wilkinson, and I am in my second year of the Creative Industries program.  As a blogger this year, I plan to share my experiences as a Ryerson student, a Toronto frequent, and an individual. My goal is to relate, connect, and get to know even a couple of you, while also selling you on this incredible university (I absolutely LOVE Ryerson, so don’t mind if my posts are just a tad bit bias).  But in the meantime, here are some fun facts about myself:

  1. I can lick my elbow
  2. I am constantly being mistaken for a 15 year old
  3. I am obsessed with Disney movies (especially Tangled)
  5. Shopping is fun (and by fun I mean I can’t stop and it’s a problem)
  6. I’ve been a published writer since I was 16 years old
  7. I collect the little fortunes from fortune cookies
  8. One of my favourite Twitter accounts is @ArthurRead_8…yes that Arthur
  9. I want to work in PR or any other branch of communications after graduation
  10. I write my own blog called Raven Knows Best

Now that you’ve discovered how weird I am, don’t be afraid to comment, send me messages, and add me on social media throughout the school year (and even after).  It is a new year and a new journey for all of us, and I’m so excited to see what it will bring!

This is my face and the faces of some of my cool university friends!!!

P.S. I’m currently writing this on the GO train because that is the life of a commuter (many of you will probably experience the commuter struggle in due time, but I promise you it’s totally worth it).

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