A Guide to Living Off-Campus (In Toronto)

Many Ryerson students live off campus. Living off campus is a nerve wracking, exciting, scary, amazing, and unique experience. Especially because of our location in downtown Toronto! I have lived off campus for three years now, and I’m sharing my guide to living off campus and being a Ryerson student!

1) Be careful with roommate selection!

The people you surround yourself with really will make or break the experience. There are a ton of options when picking a roommate; your best friend, a kind-of-friend, someone seeking a roommate online, or on your own! I’m not saying one is better than the other, but really think about yourself and what will be best for you.


2) Plan your classes carefully and effectively

When you’re living on campus its really easy to just go back and forth from class to home. However, when you are not on campus, this isn’t as easy and you really need to put thought into coming and going. Plan your classes with this in mind, and don’t worry about time gaps because Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre is a great place to hang out during breaks!


3) Embrace your neighbourhood

No matter where you live off campus Toronto truly is a city of neighbourhoods! It is easy to just default to staying at home and going to school, but part of the experience is embracing where you live! Whether its the Annex, High Park, Queen West or anywhere else in the city, your experience will be so much better if you get out and explore your area!


4) Make it feel like home

One of the biggest steps toward improving your living experience is though really owning your space. Even if you’re not a huge decorator (like me), putting up posters or small desk accessories can go a long way! You will be so much happier and feel so much more settled if your room is more than just somewhere you sleep!


Those are just some tips to living off campus. It can take some time to adjust, but it’s one of the best things you can do. Just remember: even though you aren’t living at Ryerson it doesn’t mean this isn’t your home!

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