Guest Blog: What is Leadership?

Cassie Anton, Leadership Development Facilitator, wants you to learn more about RU Leadership! Check out the following blog, written by Musa Raveendran (Student Leadership Assistant) and the RU Leadership Team:

Before I start this blog I would like to highlight a key moment of a Ryerson Rams men’s basketball game. Midway through the fourth quarter, Adika Peter McNeily stole the ball from the opposing team, dribbled the ball down the court, threw an alley-oop up to Aaron Best, and Aaron reverse dunked the ball (Check out the YouTube Video). Every Ryerson student/staff who was at this game remembers this moment with utmost clarity, even 2 years after the actual occurrence of the dunk. Little did we know, this dunk was the start of something special for the Mattamy Athletic Centre’s Promotions Coordinator, Patrick Galka.

To Patrick, leadership means excellence in every facet of your life; whether that’s professional or personal. To him, leadership means always improving in everything you do, and leading by example. Leadership can be defined differently by different people, and RU Leadership (Ryerson’s Student Leadership Hub) encourages students to explore what leadership means to them. With that being said, RU Leadership has a two-tiered program called Lead Blue & Gold, which allows students to acknowledge, track, and grow their leadership experiences & capabilities, based on 6 pillars; Self-awareness & Development, Equity Diversity & Inclusion, Civic Responsibility, Teamwork & Cooperation, Communication, and Personal Leadership.

Athletic Director, Dr. Ivan Joseph often says “I am the captain of my ship, and the master of my own fate,” which essentially means you’re not relying on others. Instead you’re leading yourself through the many different obstacles that life throws at you, and taking ownership. The aforementioned Patrick Galka lives by this principle that Dr. Joseph referred him to. Patrick has demonstrated his leadership capabilities over the course of the past year by taking steps to take the athletic program at Ryerson to new heights, and this has allowed him to comfortably call himself a leader, the mantra that RU Leaderships holds itself accountable to. Through RU Leadership, our goal is to encourage and empower students to understand that they are leaders, regardless of having an official title, such as “president” or “chief executive officer.” With the assistance of individuals like Patrick, RU Leadership is striving to redefine the parameters of leadership through various initiatives such as, the Annual Student Leadership Conference, VolunteerLink, and the Leadership Summit.

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