HOLY ****, these words were the first thing that came to mind as I stepped foot onto campus for the first time. I had thought that I was ready to start school, I had been preparing myself for months, making sure I crossed all my t’s and dotted my i’s in the process of becoming a student. So why was this first instance of being a Ryerson Ram so overwhelming?

Having moved from a very small town, there was definitely a level of anxiety associated with being in the city. Even though I had been dozens of times in the 6 months prior to starting school, I found myself consumed by the energy of the city. The dramatic change of landscape, sheer culture shock, and the looming task of starting first year right all seemed to add a weight to my shoulders. “Today was day one; day one of my life as a university student, as an adult, and frankly day one of the rest of my life. I remember a couple years ago someone, who was pretty well a stranger, told me that everything happens for a reason and that if we really believe in something we can make it happen.” I posted a photo on my Instagram with this as the caption after my first day, this persistent positivity is exactly what I told myself I would display in university. Although, it will be a lot harder than I thought to stick to it. It all seemed hazy for the first day; I walked to classes with headphones in, didn’t really talk to anyone, and I felt as though it wasn’t all real yet.

I was in my very first lecture, BUS 100, when the idea that my education is completely in my hands set in. And to be completely honest, I was terrified of what that meant. I wondered if I was the only one that felt like this, and if I am really ready to be here? It wasn’t until I decided to put myself out there in the days following that I began trying to meet other students, slowly pushing myself out of the bubble that I had grown so accustomed to. It was then I noticed weight started to lift, I began to realize that everyone was in the same boat as I was. We are all trying to make sense of this change, and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, that’s for sure. I met people that were genuinely interesting, and who all were just looking to do the same thing I was. I joined a club, tried archery tag across from the SLC, explored the campus and slowly started to feel better about my future as a student.

To wrap things up, if I have learned anything in this first week it is to be fearless, and put yourself out there. In the end the worst that can happen is things not working out as planned. With that I invite my fellow first year students, no, students as a whole to just go for it. You’ll be happy you did, I promise.

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