How To Have A Great Relationship With Your Roommates

It’s been almost five months since I left home, stepped out of my comfort zone, and started living with three people I had never met before who have luckily now turned into very close friends! If you choose to live in residence at Ryerson, you can select from a variety of different room styles, including singles, shared, and apartment-style living.

From my own personal experiences, I can surely attest to the benefits of having roommates. Your roommates are the first people you’ll meet in university, and could even end up being lifelong friends. They’re there for you when you need them the most, and can help you adjust to the unfamiliar situation of being away from home. As you can probably guess, when you’re spending a large amount of time with new people, challenges can arise.

I’ll offer 3 simple things you can do to ensure you’re the best roommate you can be, avoid conflict, and bond with the people who you’ll be living with for 8 months of the year!

  1. Be tidy: This was particularly difficult for me coming in to rez. When you’re at home, you’re more comfortable with being messy in front of your family. But in residence, it’s really important to make a good first impression, and show that you have consideration for the other people you’re sharing a living space with. This means cleaning up after yourself in common areas like the bathroom and the kitchen. You’d be surprised at the roommate tension that can arise over little things like dirty dishes!
  2. Be respectful: You must be conscientious of other people’s preferences in order to build a strong foundation for a friendship. This could mean not playing loud music while your roommates are studying, respecting their belongings and food, or even just being a good listener when they’re having a bad day.
  3. Spend time together: It’s definitely necessary to plan outings or roommate dinners to get to know each other better. You can set time aside just for you and your roommate(s) to have fun and hopefully develop a strong friendship in the process!

So make sure to keep these rules in mind in order to get the most out of your living situation! I’m certainly glad that I’ve made such amazing friends by choosing the apartment style of Pitman residence.  It’s truly an invaluable opportunity to grow and develop as a person and an essential part of the university experience!


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