Goals for Second Semester

I can’t believe it’s already 2016, but I’m so happy 2015 is over. First semester of third year wasn’t my favourite, but I’m hopeful that I’ll end the school year on a high note. Here are my goals for second semester!

Get inspired by my classes 

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Hoping to get that light bulb flickering and the wheels turning this semester (GIF from here)!

My main problem with this semester was that I was lacking inspiration, and didn’t feel like I was enjoying course content as much as I wanted to. This semester, I really want to engage with what I’m learning, and find at least one aspect of the information to connect with, in order to apply to my career or personal life in the future.

Make new friends 

feeling myself beyonce nicki minaj

It’s not to late to make a new bestie (GIF from here)!

I want to work on making time to bond with my current friends, but I also want to make new ones. There’s always room to meet new people and build new relationships, and I think the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to do so.

Find my dream internship 

the devil wears prada i love my job fashion cinema meryl streep

Here’s to hoping I wake up with this mentality every morning this summer lol (GIF from here)

I know I mentioned this in my Winter Holidays Bucket List post, but I really want to take you all through this process next semester. I hope it’ll be easy for me to land that dream position, but I also hope there will be some general challenges that I can warn you about or help you through well in advance. I’m super excited to get some work experience, so we’ll see how it turns out by the end of the term!

Begin my graduate application package

legally blonde

Okay, not quite, but I’m still excited for higher learning (GIF from here).

I know it still seems far off, but I will be entering fourth year (WHAT) in September, and I expect it to be a crazy time without the added pressure of completing a strong application package to send to graduate programs. Therefore, I want to start early, deciding what I want my focus to be, drafting a letter of intention, and reaching out to professors to write reference letters. This is just a reminder of how quickly four years can go by.

Improve my GPA

Dean Winchester from Supernatural dancing

When I get good grades (GIF from here).

 My GPA isn’t bad, but it could always be better. I’ve almost perfected my work ethic, and improved my time management skills, so this will hopefully contribute to my ability to get better grades. I’m also hoping my classes aren’t super hard like one of my courses from first semester.

Exercise more often

video up obama work out

YAAAAS FLOTUS (GIF from here)!!!

I learned that Ryerson has an instructional kickboxing class mid-semester, and since it was too late to sign up then, I’m hoping I can take it this term. By paying for instructional instead of drop-in classes, I’m hoping this will force me to attend the lessons, and make a serious commitment to get in shape. I think kickboxing will be really fun, and will contribute to both my physical and mental health (also, I always watch celebrities’ videos on Instagram of them doing their kickboxing classes and it looks sick and I wanna jump on the bandwagon the end).

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