Getting Into The Zone

We all know the struggle of trying to get into “work mode” when we’re really not feeling it. Whether it’s completing an assignment after a long day of classes, or just trying to jump into a project that intimidates you, the ability to switch into that really productive headspace with enough willpower is something we can learn to master with practice! Trust me, finding that grind mode setting in your brain is something you’ll eventually be able to tap into so quickly you’ll scare yourself.

Here’s how to psych yourself right into fulfilling all your hopes and dreams!


Step 1: Put on some inspirational music that will get you excited.

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As I’m writing this, I’m blasting my all-time favourite work banger The Dark Knight soundtrack. Seriously, best soundtrack ever. It always makes me want to go out and save the world, but I settle for heading to the library, pulling out my laptop, and getting things done. For you, it might be some Drake, Kanye, Taylor Swift(?), whatever hypes you up!


Step 2: Reward yourself. 

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What rewards are worth the work? Focusing on what you can reward yourself with for putting in that extra effort is exactly what you need. It can be tasty treats while you studying or something awaiting you after you’ve completed what needs to be done. The other day I bought myself some Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked for when I get home from the library and it has honestly changed my life. I power through and after I’m all proud of myself, I can dig into all the deliciousness and cry tears of joy!


Step 3: Visualize the payoff. 

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When you’re really struggling to complete a task, it’s extremely helpful to think about what the outcome will be once you actually do it.

a) you’ll be stress free!

b) you’ll be ahead of schedule on your homework!

c) you’ll be so prepared for that test, midterm, or exam!

d) you’ll be proud and content. (Ah it’s so nice yes remember that feeling you want it back don’t you?!)


Step 4: Give yourself a boost.

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I like to tell myself nice things multiple times a day, but even more when I’m trying to inspire myself to do something I really don’t feel like doing. Here’s what you do: Look at your face in the mirror (or your front camera) and say, “get in there and get it done you beautiful genius!!!! You’re smart, capable, funny, and extremely good-looking. You’re going to KILL it.” It’s called self-love, and you can practice it as much as you need.

Wow, I can’t wait for us all to reach new levels of amazingness this year! Yay! Thanks for reading and I hope you get into your zone.

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