Getting The Most Out Of Your Student Health & Dental Plan

As a child, I was always afraid of going to the dentist – Halloween was my favorite time of year and you’d be sure to find a tootsie roll or two in my pocket. The thought of a dental appointment would conjure up perilous, imaginative situations, such as the one below. However, all misconceptions were cleared after my first visit to the dentist. In fact, I clearly remember the dentist gifting me a plushy tooth and a tooth brush – the opposite of what I had expected the encounter to be like. That being said, the regulation of one’s dental and general health is extremely important.



The Health and Dental Plan is a service of the Ryerson Student Union, under Green Shield Canada, and can help students save some major $$$. The Campus Dental Clinic allows Ryerson students, who didn’t opt out of their Health and Dental Plan coverage, to take advantage of their insurance. A lot of people don’t know about the clinic, because it opened in September of 2013. This past month, I was able to receive a dental cleaning as well as a dental consultation.


Additionally, the clinic charges students only 5% for dental fillings – I was able to get one for only $6.75! If you didn’t opt out, may as well use your coverage right?

The clinic itself is located at 55 Dundas Street East, on the second floor of the Hakim Optical Building. To book an appointment or for any inquiries, students can call the Campus Dental Clinic at 416 – 825 – 9797. The staff is very informative and friendly!

For more extensive information and an overview of the RSU Dental Plan, check out this link.

Likewise, for an overview of the RSU Health Plan, head over to this link.

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