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One of the best things about Ryerson is the amount of opportunities there are for getting involved in the community, and how many different types roles you can take on. I remember during my first week at Ryerson, going down Gould Street for the campus clubs day, I signed up for almost everything. My email had never been so flooded and I had never been more excited. Now, heading into my fourth year I’m still involved with many of the organizations that I signed up for on day one, as well as continuing to find new groups for new interests of mine.

From everything from academic policies to improve Ryerson’s involvement opportunities are endless. If you’re looking for your special place on campus here are just a few examples of the huge amount of options you’d have at Ryerson.


For Academics:

Ryerson Board of Governors

The Board of Governors at Ryerson is responsible for the governance of the university; control of its property and revenues; the conduct of its business and affairs. Students who are part of this group often lobby for things like student project funding, increasing study space and increasing needs-based bursaries.

Ryerson Senate

Ryerson’s Senate is responsible for maintaining, communicating, and implementing the University’s policies related to academic matters. You can get involved by either running for at – large positions or also as a representative for your own faculty.

Program Course Union

All programs have a course union. They represent your program and are made up of an executive team with committee members. Their jobs are to create fun events, speak on behalf of you to staff, as well as continue to work to improve the program and community.

Faculty Board of Directors

Many of the faculties at Ryerson (for example: Communication  Design, Art, Community Services, etc) have a board of directors. These positions range from President to your program director, which helps to make up the faculties society. Here’s an example of Ted Rogers School of Management’s society.

Ryerson Student Union

The Ryerson Student Union (RSU) works to empower students and build community on Ryerson’s campus by advocating for student rights, supporting student groups, events and initiatives, and providing discounted services. The union is made up of executive positions as well as board directors and staff members.


For Fun:

Musicians at Ryerson

Musicians at Ryerson’s goal is to create as many music-related activities for students as possible and do so by offering a variety of fun music events for students to do on campus!

Harry Potter Association

The Harry Potter association is a organization which allows HP fans on campus to come together and share their love for this iconic series.  They work to create both small gatherings and large events for non-fans and hardcore Potterheads alike.

Game Makers Union

The Game Maker’s Union (GMU) is where Ryerson’s game developers meet to swap ideas and collaborate on projects. Whether you have game development experience or not members are encouraged to begin and develop their own game projects. They also hold fun mini-jams on monthly basis where they all work together!

Creative Writing Club

The Ryerson Creative Writing Club, is on of the newest student clubs on campus. It is a safe space for all writers and lovers of literature regardless of year or program. They welcome all creative energies or minds, and types of writing.

Sport and Business Association

The mission for the Sport and Business Association is to bridge students’ passions for sports with their interests in business world. To do this they host a diversified set of sports business events in collaboration with distinguished sports industry professionals and other student groups to bring everyone together!


For A Good Cause:

Ryerson Me to We

Ryerson Me to We is a group dedicated to uniting the Ryerson community by raising awareness about local and global issues while raising funds to help support Free The Children projects. Their goal is to encourage students to explore their leadership potential by allowing them to take action on issues that matter most to them while making the world a better place.

Ryerson Students for Wishes

Students for Wishes Ryerson University is a volunteer branch in support of Make-A-Wish Central Ontario, and part of the largest wish granting organization in the world! They grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Good Food Centre

The Good Food Centre (GFC) is one of six equity services provided by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) to offset the challenges of post-secondary education. As a Ryerson community member, you shouldn’t have to choose between textbooks, rent, and/or food. That’s why the Good Food Centre offers two main services for students, staff, and faculty to access food without cost or at a substantially reduced cost.

ASB Ryerson

ASB is an entirely student-run and locally operated group through Ryerson University in Toronto. ASB can be simply described as traveling with a purpose. Ryerson students volunteer their time and work in developing countries while they experience and learn from another culture. The program is open to all faculties, giving students an opportunity to learn from other team members’ perspectives as well as their own experience on the project.


For a full list of student groups on campus click here.





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