Getting Involved at University: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For me, getting involved was always like second nature. I swear by the age of 5 I was already involved in 27 million clubs and counting. So when I got to university, I automatically was interested in how to get involved!

This year, I’m apart of numerous organizations across campus. I’m VP of Marketing on the GCMCU, a Graphic Designer for the Ryerson Communication and Design Society and I’m a Graphics Associate for the Ted Rogers Management Conference. You could say I like to keep a busy plate!

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But getting involved in University is SO easy and SO fun! I always recommend that everyone join at least one club throughout their journey at Ryerson because you meet so many people and make so many memories!


Here’s some tips and tricks to get involved!

1. Attend campus events! 

There are SO many campus events where clubs and organizations come and set up booths for student’s to learn all about them! These events are great to see all the clubs that Ryerson has to offer.

2. Talk to people!

That super cool artsy kid in your class probably knows more super cool artsy people, and one of them probably is part of a super cool artsy club. Connections are key, and talking to people is a great way to see what’s out there!

3. Don’t take on too much!

As appealing as all the campus groups are, you can’t join every one. Only take on as much as you can handle, because remember; your first priority is being a student!

4. Have fun!

Getting involved is a great way to branch off from your studies and see what else you are interested in! Make sure you are getting involved for the right reasons, and make sure you have fun while you are doing it!

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