GCMCU and RyeTAGA Coffee House

On February 6 2014, both the Graphic Communications Course Union and RyeTAGA teamed up to plan GCM’s very first charity coffee house! The events profits went towards the charity Reach For The Rainbow, who help children with disabilities through their various summer camps! The event was hosted in the GCM Heidelberg Centre and it featured many of the programs diverse talents! There was pianists, singers, guitarists and everything in between! The students performed and belted it out all for charity! All donations, ticket money, raffle money and snack money went towards the charity and (unofficially) we raised over 600 dollars in one night alone for the Reach For The Rainbow charity! The even featured yummy snacks and hot beverages, along with various raffle tickets that could be purchased for the awesome prizes! It was such a rewarding and happy night, and I’m glad I could have been a part of it!

GCMCU (Graphic Communications Management Course Union) and RyeTAGA are one of my favourite features about my program. These two student groups plan events like these all the time! I’m a part of the GCMCU and it has been one of the best experiences for me! Being able to volunteer at charitable events, such as the coffee house are really rewarding and I feel that everyone should get involved for a good cause! Both the GCMCU and RyeTAGA plan numerous events throughout the year to get students involved and they are one of the uniting factors surrounding student life in my program!

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