GCM Colloquium

GCM Colloquium (I know, I have trouble pronouncing it too): A night full of learning, fun and free food! This year Colloquium was hosted by RyePack, RyeTAGA and the GCM Course Union, (which are all amazing GCM student groups) and the theme was 3D printing! Colloquium is basically an educational event for GCM students that brings in experts of a certain print field to educate the students! This year we were lucky to have three guest speakers: Reuben Menezes (Proto 3000), Jonathan Moneta (MAKELAB), and Barry Walsh (Scodix). The three speakers all had very cool stories to share about their experiences with 3D printing. My favourite was the presentation given by Jonathan Moneta from MAKELAB. Makelab is a Toronto print shop where people can go and experiment with their own 3D creations! It was so neat to know what the capabilities of 3D printing are!

This is one of the reasons why I love Ryerson and GCM. Constantly, I am being exposed and introduced to my industry, before I even graduate! My education is giving me the experiences and exposing me to awesome opportunities! GCM Colloquium was just another example of how enriched Ryerson is in with industry and I absolutely loved this event!

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