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Moving to a new country is an exciting experience, but it can seem anxiety-inducing and difficult to figure out the ropes all by yourself. Luckily you don’t have to! The International Student Support office (or ISS for short) is there for you and is ready to help you with pretty much anything you need. I’m […]

I decided to name this blog “signing off!” because at work that’s what my team says to one another when we clock out. This time I’ll be signing off completely because the summer is coming to an end.  I remember the night before my first day of work I couldn’t sleep at all. Then during […]

If there’s one thing you should know about Ryerson, it’s that we pride ourselves on the hands-on learning opportunities students receive both inside and outside of the classroom. If you’re a prospective student wanting to learn more about all sorts of opportunities you’ll have at your disposal, allow me to share one of my most […]

Ever wonder what it’s like to work a position that’s part of the  Career Boost program? Well, I’ve got you covered! Watch what a typical day looks like for myself, Linda and Stefan.  We take you on a journey through our work day, and give you an inside look into what we do after work […]

I know the first week of university can be very intimidating, especially when you’re just coming into a whole new world. This is why I’m here to help guide you through it.  Get a planner I’m a huge advocate for planners and staying organized. One thing I cannot live without is my own planner because […]

New Girl is my absolute favourite comfort show. After a long day of hard work, I love kicking back to watch this hilarious sitcom. Jessica Day via GIPHY Starting off with the iconic Miss Day, she is definitely the character I can relate most to. She cares a lot about others and is always willing […]