Frosty Chronicles: The Snowman Mission

Hello readers and happy 2014! I hope that this year will be a joyous and prosperous one for us all, and that we sustain the willpower to carry out our resolutions for 2014. One of my personal resolutions this year was to finally build a snowman – that’s right, I’ve never actually built a snowman despite residing in Toronto for the majority of my life. As such, I grabbed two of my buddies and set off to the fields of The Quad to accomplish just that.



The first step of the construction plan was to create a solid base. With that in mind, it was time to roll some snowballs!



Pretty soon, the snowball got huge. The snow was really easy to pack and quite cohesive – great snowman building material.



Soon after, we dumped our base snowballs into a suitable location in the middle of The Quad.



Meet the rest of the team – Sujeeth and Marusha.



We decided to trim the base a little bit and add more vertical mass. After a while, the snowman was starting to come together.



Soon after, we completed the mid-section of our frosty friend and moved onto the upper body.



Eventually, we settled for our snowman to be composed of five increasingly smaller snowballs as opposed to the traditional three.



Marusha had the honor of completing the top portion of the head.



Our creation was starting to look quite handsome indeed! We added a carrot for its nose (handpicked by me), as well as some twigs for its eyebrows and some gloves to keep its hands warm.



We added another twig to constitute the mouth of the snowman. However, our friend still seemed oddly cold…



So we decided to let him borrow some of our winter gear. Our snowman wasn’t a very talkative one either, consequently we decided that he looked better without a mouth (settle down you snowpeople-activists).



What a snazzy, fine looking snowman!


It was great fun building my first snowman, that too on campus. Hopefully this will turn into an annual tradition! Our snowman still needs a proper name, so please feel free to suggest some in the comments below. Until next time, stay cool peeps!

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