A Friends Guide to Midterms

It’s midterms season everyone! Whether you’re a rookie or a vet, a test worth 20% or more of your mark is still a daunting task. If you’re like me, and used reading week to binge watch a few too many Netflix series, use this five step guide to get you back on track in time to ace your tests!


Step One: Book Study Space

You’re going to need to make sure you plan this well in advance, since study rooms on campus are limited and will be filling up fast for sure these next few weeks. Book yourself a space here to reserve that A+ for your class.



Step Two: Study With Friends

Studying is always more fun if you have friends to help you out! Round up a group to hold each other accountable to actually study and use that space you just booked to order a pizza and work for a few hours. Just make sure you don’t get too distracted!



Step Three: Plan Ahead

My motto has always been that if you have an assignment that can be done in half an hour or less, do it now. This mentality helps you to plan a head and make time for bigger tasks down the road. Doing a little bit of work everyday helps to make the work load seem easier.



Step Four: Organize

Reading over all your midterms readings for all of your classes might not be the most efficient way to study. Really take time to look at your notes and figure out what information is most important so you don’t waste your time.



Step Five: Take A Break

Remember, this test will not make or break your entire university career. It’s ok to be stressed but make sure it’s not to a point that overwhelms you. Take little breaks and do things that make you happy, focus on the positives!



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