Four Essential Creative Industries Courses at Ryerson

I’m Grace, a fourth-year creative industries student here at Ryerson. As a C.I. student, I’m a seasoned veteran in answering questions like “What exactly is your program?” and “What kind of courses do you take?” Today I’ll be taking you through the four best, most memorable creative industries courses that I that took throughout my degree. If you’re here to seek out creative industries “bird” courses, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re here to find courses that will challenge you, reward you, and definitely engage you, keep reading.

CRI 200: IP Issues in the Digital Age – Mandatory

Let’s kick this off with a course that is mandatory for first-year C.I. students and definitely doesn’t sound exciting at first glance. CRI 200: IP Issues in the Digital Age took me by surprise because of the way the content managed to grasp my interest in subjects like copyright, patents, and trademarks. How these intellectual property (IP) tools are connected to relevant issues in the greater creative industries context is what makes this topic so intriguing. 

This course had me so engaged in intellectual property that I briefly looked into what it takes to become an IP lawyer after taking the course. Who would’ve thought!

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CRI 300: Digital Design Studio – Mandatory

CRI 300: Digital Design Studio is the class for you if you’re an Adobe wizard, aspiring animator or a graphic designer. It’s all about mastering the basic skills to use applications like Photoshop, InDesign, and AfterEffects. However, fear not if you’re totally inexperienced with these applications – CRI 300 is more of a crash course than anything. The projects are very open-ended and allow you to get as creative as you want, which I appreciated.

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CRI 630: Advertising Theory & Practice – Optional

I took CRI 630: Advertising Theory & Practice in the second semester of my third year, right before I completed my required internship at a marketing agency. This course could not have been a better primer for my internship experience! If you’re into marketing/advertising and potentially would like to intern within the industry, I would highly recommend taking this course. If you do, you won’t feel completely lost when tasked with things like pitching a brief or creating a campaign roll-out calendar. If you can take it with Tori Laurence as your professor, make sure you do.

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CRI 710: Creative Industries Research Methodologies – Mandatory

Similar to CRI 200, CRI 710: Creative Industries Research Methodologies was a mandatory course that I unexpectedly enjoyed. It’s group work-based which sounds dreadful, but is actually an amazing opportunity. Each group gets to produce an end-to-end research project on a topic of their choice, and present it to the class at the end of the term. My group was able to spend the semester researching the effects of Instagram on the restaurant industry, which was one of the most interesting projects I’ve completed in my degree. Beyond that, you learn about the importance of different types of research, and how to use them in the most effective way throughout your academic and C.I. career.

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For those of you who are interested in learning more about Ryerson’s creative industries BA program, click here for more information!

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