The Floors of the Student Learning Centre

The Student Learning Centre (SLC), is Ryerson’s newest building and a world-class learning destination set in the heart of Toronto. Created with students in mind the SLC has a variety of different floors for the unique needs of every individual. Sound good to you? Let’s check it out.


The Amphitheatre

This is the first floor of the building, an open space surrounded by tiered levels for students to study or hang out with friends. The Amphitheatre can be used for tabling events, exhibitions, speeches and a variety of other ways.  It also includes a Starbucks and lounge area!


The Bluffs

The third floor is home to the Sandbox by the DMZ and the Digital Media Experience lab (DME). The Sandbox is an open and collaborative space that provides access to a curated list of creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills and opportunities to students and the wider community. The DME  supports teaching innovation and experiential learning, giving students the opportunity to get their hands on state-of-the-art new technologies.


The Garden

The fourth floor of the SLC is home to Student Learning Support. Services offered include individual help, group sessions and workshops, academic accommodation letters, assistive technology, English language practice, math tutoring, writing assistance, make-up test bookings, and more.


The Sun

The fifth floor is the perfect combination of collaborative work rooms, seminar spaces and individual work stations. Use this space to fit any of your studying needs!



The Beach

If you’re looking for a chilled out vibe and an open concept hang out spot the beach on the sixth floor is right for you. Use this space to relax in-between classes or hang out with friends!



The Forest 

The seventh floor is the quiet floor, as well as the home to the specific graduate students study area. Use this floor for when you really need to focus and grind out some major papers.



The Sky 

In my humble opinion this is the best spot on campus. With perfect views of Dundas Square and beautiful natural lighting, who couldn’t be inspired? Use this space to book collaborative study rooms as well as hang out with friends.



Like what you see? Come to visit us for a tour or explore the SLC online here. Also, if you need help deciding, take our quiz here to find the perfect fit for you!

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