Five Reasons Why Second Semester Can Be Better Than The First


Winter break was extremely relaxing and much needed after a hectic semester, but I must admit that I’m glad to be back downtown, on campus, and with my friends for the new year and new semester.  Second semester is obviously important, but now that I think about it, it may be a bit better than first year, both academically and in terms of comfort.  Here’s why!

You know half your grades for the year


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This hopefully makes you either super confident to take on the new semester, or motivates you to try harder!

You know which habits and routines work, and which ones don’t


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Maybe going on vacation during reading week caused you to fall behind.  Perhaps procrastinating on social media and then studying only couple of days before finals wasn’t the best idea.  On the other hand, maybe you realized studying with a group, or working on something piece by piece instead of all at once really worked for you.  Either way, you know which work habits gave you the best results.  This will allow you to eliminate (to the best of your ability) the bad habits, and employ the good ones from the beginning of the semester in order to reach optimal success.

You have a feel of what you will be learning 

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Although course selection in first and even second year is fairly restricted, and the content is introductory, you will most likely get a sense of whether your program is for you.  From there, you can monitor how second semester goes, and see if you are more engaged.  If not, this gives you the opportunity to explore other programs at Ryerson sooner rather than later.

You’ve made some friends 

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After first semester, you’re likely to have a couple of new people by your side.  Now, when you hear of an event occurring on campus or around the city, you know some cool friends you can invite, bond and have a good time with!

Ryerson feels more like home

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Returning to campus from a long winter break requires a little adjusting, but it’s not so bad now that you know some people, have an idea where (most) buildings are, have adopted that swift “downtown” strut that everyone seems to have (am I the only one who notices it????), and are generally more comfortable at university.

Here’s to another semester of new classes, new experiences, and new blog posts!!! What are you most excited about?

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