Five parks near Ryerson that you need to visit

I love living in the city, but sometimes I just need some time to get away from the crowds and the noise. Luckily, Ryerson is located in close proximity to multiple green spaces. After exploring a wide variety of parks throughout my four years at Ryerson I thought I would share my five favourites with you all!

1. Berczy Park

Walk from campus: 15 minutes

This park is unlike any other in the city! The fountain in the centre is what many in Toronto call “the dog fountain” as the water is being spewed by a variety of dog statues. Naturally, an attractive fountain like this leads to many dog owners taking their pets for walks here, and pedestrians without pets who come to the park when they want to spend their afternoon getting their fix of adorable neighbourhood dogs. The  park also features a beautiful mural across a large building which adds to the character of this space.


2. Grange Park

Walk from campus: 20 minutes

Grange Park is right behind the Art Gallery of Ontario, and this allows the crowd at this park to be filled with lovers of the arts. You will often see people dancing, painting and taking photos in this large open space. I personally love playing frisbee with my roommate and taking a quick break on the swings while looking at views of the CN Tower whenever I go here.


3. Toronto Music Garden

Walk from campus: 50 minutes

Walking to the Toronto Music Gardens has become one of my favourite things to do during the pandemic. You can head straight down Yonge Street and then continue the rest of your scenic walk along the water for about 20 minutes before you reach this gem. It’s typical to spot engagements and small weddings taking place here as the garden is the perfect backdrop for photos.


4. Trinity Bellwoods

Walk from campus: 45 minutes or 25 minutes on transit

This park is a bit further from campus, but the walk is doable on a nice fall, spring or summer day. If you’re not in the mood for a long walk, try renting one of the bike shares or the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has your back! Trinity is way bigger than all of the previous parks mentioned, and it is way worth the walk. You can often find people having picnics or playing sports with their friends here. I don’t think I’ve felt more like a Torontonian than when I got Mac and Cheese from Bobby Sues and sat down on a blanket at Trinity while people watching last summer at the park.


5. High Park

Walk from campus: one hour and 40 minutes or 35 minutes on transit

This one is another far one, but so worth it, especially in spring when the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. The size of this park makes it great for biking, nature walks and even just peaceful naps in the sun. If you’re looking to see some animals, High Park even has a zoo with domestic and exotic animals like peacocks and sheep. If you head to High Park during the summer, a bonus is you can take a dip in the park’s outdoor pool.


Featured Image: All Day Fit

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