Five Memes That Will Describe Your First Year

I don’t know about you, but I love memes! Scrolling on Instagram, I noticed a  few memes that reminded me of first-year life and thought they would be perfect to share with incoming students. My first-year was full of fun times, but also some stressful times, and luckily both of which can be displayed through some quality memes! If you’ve been wondering which ones are the most accurate, I’m here to share the truth with five of my favourites:

1. The Money Meme

Between tuition fees, rent and late night study snacks, a student’s income can get maxed out pretty quickly. Sometimes you want to try out that new restaurant or go to that cool concert with your friends, but you just don’t have the resources. Although it may take some planning, Toronto has plenty of fun things for students on a budget to do. For example, The Art Gallery of Ontario is free for people under 25 and in the warmer months students can watch free movies at Yonge and Dundas Square or head to Woodbine Beach or Trinity Bellwoods Park for some outdoors fun! If you’re looking for cheap fun on a Monday night, you can also pay unlimited retro games at Tilt for two dollars.


2. The Math Meme

I’m not going to lie, this meme was me in my statistics and finance classes. My one professor loved to write on the board, and I often found it hard to keep up and understand his writing. I was scared my GPA was going to be ruined, as I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pass finance or statistics. Luckily for me, I learned that the Ted Rogers School of Management Academic Success Centre provides free tutoring on both of these subjects. The tutors are current students in upper years who recently went through the class and did well in the course. I found the service to be a lifesaver as tutors went over the practice problems from class in small groups (and sometimes one on one) a lot slower. I also am never one to want to ask questions in a large math class, so tutoring was a safe environment for me to do so. After attending tutoring throughout the semester, I was able to receive a mark I was happy with!


3. The Tired Meme

From high school, you probably already know studying is not always the most fun thing to be doing with your time, and dry content can put you to sleep. One minute, you’re ready to be productive, and the next you remember how good it feels to close your eyes after attending classes all day. This meme is a bit too realistic if I’m being honest! I have studied in my bed, and woken up hours later with my laptop and papers surrounding me. Sometimes it’s hard to put the towel in when you’re behind schedule on where you want to be for test preparation, and so you push yourself to get it done, and before you know it you are the dog meme. The hardest time of year for me to stay on top of things during first year was midterm season, but a little extra sleep never hurt anybody right?


4. The Freedom Meme

In high school, I was very comfortable with the feeling of having free time and watching Netflix guilt-free. In university, it’s a whole other story. As soon as I start to feel like I don’t have much to do I start to feel like I’m missing something. I usually check my schedule three times and my to-do list several times before I can truly relax and enjoy my week. I’m one to get ahead when I have a slow week, so this feeling often hits most near the end of the school year for me. I’d much rather spread out my work for upcoming assignments instead of rushing last minute. Although, it’s honestly the best feeling when I actually am free, and I get to binge watch a new Netflix series I’ve been waiting to watch.


5. The Professor Meme


You win some, you lose some. Some professors you will not love, but you will learn to manage. However, when you do love the topic and the teaching style of the professor… it feels like magic! This is how I felt when I finally got to take marketing courses after taking intro business courses in areas like statistics and economics. I also really enjoyed the introduction to global management course, and that I could take sociology courses for my electives. The way sociology professors lecture is so different from business professors that it’s a nice variety to have in my weekly learning. I also love learning about sociology, as understanding how society works is so important in marketing.


Here’s hoping that your first year is filled with lots of engaging course content that makes you excited to learn!


The featured image is from Uncovered.

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