The 5 Common Stages of Getting ACCEPTED

Stage 1: Excitement 

When you finally see your offer on the OUAC site after checking every minute for three months.  Source

When you finally see your offer on the OUAC site after checking every minute for three months. Source

You’re in, and you’re stoked.  Excitement is probably the first emotion you feel when you get accepted to university.  And it should be!!!  You’ve worked hard over the past four years of high school, and you can finally see the reward for it.  Not to mention, Ryerson is your dream school and you can’t wait to be a part of it.  So dance, scream, Tweet (tweet us @ryersonuar hehe), and post that acceptance letter on Insta, because you’ve earned it!


Stage 2: Boredom 

I speak from experience when I say that once you get into the universities of your choice, “senioritis” can start to kick in, and doing work in the final few months of your high school career is the last thing you want to do.  But hang in there, because university acceptances are often conditional based on you keeping those grades high and dry (I don’t know what that means but it sounded right).  As grade 12 begins to wind down, continue to study and work hard so that your academics do not threaten your spot at Ryerson, but instead help you earn a General Entrance Scholarship 😉


Stage 3: Sadness 

Whether you loved high school or hated it, chances are there is at least a twinge of sadness about leaving it for good.  In university, gone are the compatible schedules between friends, common lunches, second and third chances with teachers, and the overall comfort of being in a place where you know and are chummy with just about everyone.  As much as I like uni a billion times more than high school, sometimes I, too, kind of miss the familiarity and comfort I had in high school.  But if you really are sad about leaving, try to make the most of these next few months, and look back at all the great memories you’ve made with the people you love!


Stage 4: Anxiety/Nervousness 

Once the excitement of prom, graduation, and even Wasaga (is that only a GTA thing?) is over, anxiety tends to set in.  What will my classes be like? Who am I going to talk to?  Will I be “just a number” in university?  Is it worth selling my soul and emptying my bank account to pay for this four year commitment??  These may be some of the questions you ask yourself over the summer, as each day creeps closer and closer to the first day of the next chapter of your life.  However, try to use your summer to relax, spend time with friends who may be going to different universities, and keep yourself busy and having fun.  TIP: if you set some goals for your first year, it may help you to realize that uni is just another experience that you have total control over, and can make the best of!


Stage 5: Excitement 2.0

Everything (hopefully) comes full circle, and by the time the end of August arrives and orientation is around the corner, you’ll be excited once more for all the possibilities that come with being a university student.  You’ve kept your grades up, had a great summer with friends and family, and are ready to take on Ryerson and have the best time of your life.  And you’ll be great!

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