Five Apps You Need to Download Before Starting University

Mobile apps provide us with resources to help us be better students and stay organized throughout the school year. With these tools available in the palm of our hands, it is no wonder we are relying on them more and more. Just like you would go back to school shopping, you should also consider some back to school downloading.

1. Gmail

Although emails may not have been a priority in high school, they are extremely important in university. Email is your main point of contact with your professors, and it is where you will receive official notices from Ryerson (cough cough… snow days). By having fast access to your email you will never miss an important message.

2. Google Drive

Any assignments you create are very important to protect (the last thing you want to do is write an assignment twice). By creating your assignments on or uploading them to Google Drive, you will always have fast access to them, even when you forget to bring your laptop to school.

3. WhatsApp

Two words: group projects. It is likely that you will have at least one group project during your time at University (and if you’re a business student like me, you probably won’t have many classes without them). In order to communicate with your group, it is very likely that you will use WhatsApp, an online and mobile messaging app. This is a much easier way to communicate with your groups than adding everyone on Facebook and creating a Facebook Messenger chat (trust me).

4. Flipp

As a student on a budget, I’m always looking for ways to save money. The Flipp app is a place that houses over 2000 flyers. I use the app to make sure I am getting the best deals when I grocery shop. Some grocery stores will even price match from the app, saving you money every time you shop.

5. LinkedIn

Beginning university can be looked at as the start of your professional life. A part of that is creating connections that could help you in your future through networking and professional development events. Setting up a LinkedIn account and being active on it will present you with many opportunities you may not have ever known existed.

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