My First Week Back

What a crazy first week back it was! After having a month off it’s hard to get back into the swing of school, but with so much to do there’s no time ease into it. Second semester is in full swing and between class, work and student groups my schedule is completely full. To really show you what my first week back was like I decided to do a video blog. Below is a more detailed calendar of what I did in case you like anything you see, enjoy!



Woo, my first two classes of the semester! Even though these classes were required for my program, and I have no choice but to take them, I really like them.

Got to stay caffeinated on days like this, but it wasn’t hard with all the free stuff on our pedestrian-friendly Gould Street! One of the best things about the first week back is the Winter Week of Welcome filling our campus with fun games and food.


A quick class in the morning and then I headed over to Oakham Cafe with some friends to go over some fun student group things. This is definitely my favourite sit-down place to eat on campus. Get their London Fog; the mug is the size of your face, and it’s great.

I also grabbed some sweet tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs game for the night, since the Air Canada Centre is only a few blocks from campus I walked over right after my last class.


Another trip to Starbucks on my way to class and then taking a break in my programs lounge again, what else do I do? Next I grabbed lunch with a friend at The Pickle Barrel, across the street from our Student Learning Centre (SLC). After eating we went back to the SLC to study on the third floor, also known as the Launch Zone!

Later I watched a really cute dog play for a while, best part about Ryerson hands down is the amount of dogs that are on campus at all times.


On Thursday I had a Launch event for Ryerson’s Entertainment Conference (REC). We finally got to show off all the hard work we’ve been doing over the past few weeks and officially open up our tickets to students. Also there was a lot of free food, I can’t even count how many cupcakes I stole.


Friday I took a walk around my neighbourhood, The Village, before going back to school. Even though I don’t have classes on Fridays (#blessed), I needed to take a tour of the Digital Media Experience Lab (DME) for one of my classes. In the lab we get to use a bunch of super cool technologies like Virtual Reality headsets and 3D printers!!

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