Finding Your Second Year Stride

I’m half way through my first semester of second year Media Production, and something that I’ve been surprised to realize since moving on to a new year in my program (after the best year of my life) is how second year is even better! I had a blast in first year and got to try out a variety of different things, but being able to now choose my electives within my program, the subjects I’m especially interested in, is a whole new university experience that makes a huge difference. Here’s why!

You have more options

First year is designed to be broad because it allows you to spread your wings and try new things, which is a great introduction to university and can set you on a surprising path throughout your next 3 years. Last year I got to try audio, digital media, writing, directing, and I discovered that I’m actually really interested in audio, something I didn’t expect at all! The important thing is once you’ve dabbled in all areas in your program, picking your classes for second year is a breeze. You’ll love specializing in an area you’re really passionate about!

You feel a lot more confident 

In first year you’re a little baby getting used to a whole new world. You remember grade 9, right? And how different you were in grade 12? You’ll feel that confident in second year. You’ve learned an incredible amount about how your program works, what the expectations are from university, and you’ll be ready to crush it.

You have more time 

Looking back, I felt like I had much less time to complete work. But in reality, I just learnt how to manage my time better. Now, I feel more relaxed about my workload because I know how to plan my schedule based on how long a task will take and I keep a calendar of all my syllabus due dates. Getting passed the unfamiliarity of a new program allows you to reach new heights and achieve things you never thought you’d be able to!

You can actually find your classes

Getting lost in Kerr Hall first year is basically a rite of passage. Navigating campus is always a struggle, but once you actually know where you’re going it’s much simpler. You’ll discover all your favourite spots on campus, like the SLC, Lake Devo, and the quad! Most importantly, campus will start to feel more like home.

So don’t stress too much about your new environment. It takes time, but by the time second year rolls around you’ll be ruling the school. See you next time!

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