Finals Are Over….Now What?

If you are reading this blog post, congratulations you made it through finals week! Over the past few weeks you may have endured many things from:


this, to


this, to


this. BUT, now that it’s over your experiencing many emotions from:


this, to


this, to


this. But after your celebrations you may wonder what do I do know? Well, as a Ryerson student, there are tons of things to do that are school related or there are many events around the city! Here are my top 3 events to do after finals!

1. Skate on Lake Devo or at City Hall!



Okay, so you may not be that pro (if you are try out for the Rams Figure Skating Team!) but skating on Lake Devo or at City Hall is definitely a winter staple in the City of Toronto! Both ice rinks are free for anyone to use and they’re definitely a great way to celebrate the end of exams! Grab a hot chocolate from Balzac’s coffee and enjoy a lovely day of skating at Ryerson!

2. Shopping!



Welcome to Toronto, the city with multiple shopping districts and one awesome mall: The Eaton Centre. Around the holiday season, there are TONS of sales happening all across the city, black friday, boxing day, general holiday sales, you name it, the Eaton Centre has it! Also, a cool place in the city to check out is Queen St. W! If you can endure the cold (and the walk), this street includes many hip boutiques and large flagship chain stores! Overall, after all of that exam stress, you do deserve a little shopping therapy!

3. Frolic in the snow!


We may not live in igloos, but here in Canada we do LOVE our snow. Why not celebrate the winter time bliss with a little fun in the snow! The City of Toronto has numerous parks where you can take a walk through the marshmallow world of winter or frolic in the snow! Also, if you live outside the city, why not hit up a little tobogganing or find a winter festival in your area? Take advantage of the snow while we have it and see how beautiful our city is when it is covered in a blanket of snow!

Overall, now that exams are over, celebrate with some fun activities, appreciate the holidays and winter season and don’t forget to relax!


See you in 2014 guys!

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