The Feels You’ll Feel in First Year – Disney Princess Edition

I loved Mady’s post a couple weeks ago, that was centred around a Typical Day in the Life of a Uni Student as Told by Mean Girls. It has inspired me to apply my love of Disney and Disney princesses, and provide insight into the different “feels” you’ll have, and the instances that will most likely occur during first year at Ryerson–expressed by Disney memes and gifs.

Feeling initially overwhelmed by all the possibilities and opportunities that come with going to school downtown


School in the city has some major differences than those that are more isolated, but once you get over the initial shock of being in the centre of all the excitement, it is great to know that everything is so close and within reach!

Feeling satisfied by all the random food you don’t have to pay for 


By now, I think you all know how passionate I am about free things, so I won’t reiterate (it’s the BOMB).

Feeling mad at yourself for making stupid mistakes on a midterm 

Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us.

Feeling annoyed when you realize just how early class is 


Kidding, more like this.


Feeling happy when you meet people that become new besties 


It’s always nice to meet people you automatically click with!

Feeling BROKE 

200 (1)

Not being able to buy what you want with all the temptations of the city is quite the sad situation to be in.

Feeling like you need to buckle down and focus on schoolwork 


tumblr_nayrr3cNSX1qjzijvo7_400 (1)

Feeling like you’ve procrastinated wayyyy too much, and have an essay due wayyyy too soon 


Feeling proud of yourself for getting an A on a paper 


One of the best feelings.

Feeling like giving up and just marrying rich 

tumblr_inline_n3riz0jGSj1rg0g8s Undeniable, especially when the end of the semester rolls around.

Feeling loved by a much needed hug from your parents 


Sometimes no matter how grown up you feel as a uni student, you need to curl up with your mom or dad for some much needed loving.

Feeling like all in all, you’ve had an amazing first year 


First year can be tough at times, but university is so much fun, and hopefully it’ll all be worth it!


Featured image photo by briannacherrygarcia

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