February – Favourite month of the year!

Everyone has a favourite colour, number, day of the week – well, I have a favourite month of the year!

Why February, you ask? Keep reading.

1. It’s my birthday!

On Friday, February 15th, 2019, I turn 20!! Finally entering my 20s feels amazing! I don’t feel like a young-ling anymore. I remember being a 17-year-old in my first year, and feeling like a little kid out of place compared to everybody else around me.

Happy birthday GIF

Happy birthday GIF | Giphy.com

But aside from being old, I also get SO MANY freebies! If you were unsure about downtown being the place for you, I’m sure this will convince you. Toronto makes sure we all feel special on our birthdays. Here’s a list of just some of the treats we can get for free on our special day:

  • Chatime – Regular sized bubble tea – you can go anytime from the week before your birthday to the week after your birthday! – 2 mins from Ryerson
  • Starbucks – ANY sized drink or treat of your choice – there are SO many locations around campus
  • Sephora free makeup! – in the Toronto Eaton Centre, right under the Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Denny’s free Original Grand Slam breakfast – 2 mins from Ryerson
  • Marble Slab – free ice cream – at 10 Dundas east
  • Harvey’s – free burger and fries – also 10 Dundas East
  • David’s Tea – if you’re not a coffee, bubble tea or even a smoothie fan, you can grab a free tea here!! – 3 min walk from Ryerson
  • South St. Burger – Free 4oz Burger – 8 min walk from Ryerson

There’s so much more! But these are just a few freebies I grab every year and will again this year with my BFF – it’s our mini birthday tradition 😉

2. Valentine’s day

Sale GIF by Whym

Sale GIF by Whym | Giphy.com

Everything is on sale! Chocolates, presents, flowers, hotels and even spa packages! Whether you are single, complicated or happily taken – there’s something for all of you! For me, it doesn’t matter whether I am dating somebody on Valentine’s day or not. The 14th of February means I get to treat myself with awesome things for cheap.

3. Election season

I am in my 3rd year of Business Management and when election season came around this year at the Ted Rogers School of Management, I decided to do something crazy.

Go temple football GIF

Go temple football GIF | Giphy.com

Elections for the Ted Rogers Students’ Society executives and program directors happen every year in February for the next academic year, and it’s a wonderful time of the year because everyone is handing out free food and cool prizes. Life on campus becomes a little more exciting during this dull and stressful midterm season.

Queen Elizabeth Images

Queen Elizabeth Images | Giphy.com

This year I decided to REALLY push myself out of my comfort zone and RUN in the elections to be one of the three business management directors, instead of just getting free stuff from the other people running! The results will be released publicly very soon 🙂 If you want to find out whether or not I made it you’ve got to come to TRSM!

4. Other cool things happening in Toronto this month

  • The gorgeous Toronto Light Festival in the Distillery District
  • TIFF Next Wave Film Festival – Feb 15 to 17 – you know what that means? FREE MOVIES!
  • Unique installation at the ‘Winter Stations‘ on the beaches waterfront – starting Feb 19
  • Ryerson’s First Ever Snowball Fight! This was organized by one of my best friends Johnny Nguyen – it started out as a joke, but BlogTO caught a whiff of it and now it’s happening for real! Who knows, maybe it’ll become an annual thing after this year!

What’s your favourite month??

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