FCAD Presents Ryerson Filmmakers at TIFF!

The Faculty of Communication and Design welcomed TIFF programmer Magali Simard as well as six Ryerson graduates for a screening and discussion of their short films this past Tuesday. A friend and I had the chance to attend this event, which turned out to be quite an eye-opening experience.

All of the films premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival in September as well as other Canadian and European film festivals, where they were very well-received by audiences. Surprisingly, three of these young filmmakers only graduated from the Ryerson Image Arts Film Studies program this year! The list of filmmakers and their short films, ranging from drama, fantasy, psychological thriller, and comedy, includes:

Stephen Dunn (We Wanted More)

Fantavious Fitz (Paradise Falls)

Luke Higginson (Relax, I’m From the Future)

Jasmin Mozaffari (Firecrackers)

Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg (Noah)

I can honestly say that I was completely blown away by each film. The writing, directing, acting, and cinematography were on par with some of the best shorts screened at TIFF. The films were also incredibly well-made considering their low budgets. Most of them were produced by the CFC (Canadian Film Centre) which help fund the projects of young artists across Canada. However, the high quality of these films are a true testament to the talented young filmmakers coming out of Ryerson. Following the screening, the filmmakers answered various questions about the making of their films and Ryerson’s role in shaping their future careers. The artists spoke very fondly of their time in the Film Studies program and specifically about the opportunities they’ve been given to create and produce their future projects. They also placed high importance on the relationships formed with one another during their four years of study and how collaborating with each other on different films has been the most rewarding.

Each faculty plans a wide array of events throughout the year open to every student, and I suggest taking advantage of these opportunities to widen your horizons and immerse yourself in Ryerson culture. As for our Ryerson filmmakers, we can certainly keep an eye out for upcoming projects to be featured at TIFF in the years to come!

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