My Favourite Things about Ryerson in the Fall

Many people can agree that fall is a great season, and I’m sure for most university students, attending football games, going to Homecoming, and walking to class through a private campus filled with lots of grass and trees are among the reasons why.  But for us city uni kids, fall is just a little bit different, and my reasons for loving school in the fall may be a bit different as well.  But you can be the judge of that; here are my top five FAV things about Ryerson in the fall!

1. Walking comfortably to school

Gotta love being able to walk to school on these beautiful fall days!

If you commute from Union Station, or live close enough to enjoy a nice stroll to Ryerson (but usually take the streetcar), September and October are the perfect months to ditch the TTC or the PATH.  The fall time often yields some beautiful days with lots of sun, and temperatures that are reminiscent of the summer.  Therefore, I try to absorb the rays, and take in the downtown scenery before I’m forced to return to Hermit Land (my nickname for the PATH) from December to February.

2. The look of campus in the mornings

Having class at 9 am is a little bit more bearable when I am greeted by such a pretty campus in the morning.  As the sun rises to its peak and warms up Gould Street in the process, it’s such a nice view!

3. Free stuff

Innocent 2 Chainz - if you ain't talkin' free stuff I don't wanna talk

This is isn’t entirely true, but I thought it was funny ha.

I already mentioned in a previous post that getting promotional items is a huge perk of having school in Toronto.  During the first month of the new school year, companies and student groups provide free products and even little snacks to help attract potential members and/or customers.  I love learning about the diverse student groups and different opportunities on and off campus.  However, as a semi-broke student trying to save money, when there’s free stuff, I’m alllll over it.

4. The weekly Farmer’s Market

It’s so nice seeing the surrounding community join us on Gould to promote homemade and organic products, and of course, yummy sweets!  I love chatting with some of the vendors, and supporting them by grabbing a snack or lunch as I head to class!

5. Fall Fashion


Showing off your fall wardrobe be like

I feel like everyone talks about being able to wear cute sweaters and boots, but I, too, absolutely love when stores like H&M introduce their new collections that inspire and shape my wardrobe for the year.  The fall allows me to show off my new purchases, and stock up on some staple items.  That way, I don’t feel too bad when my appearance becomes an afterthought, and I have to trek it to and from Union wearing six pairs of socks and three thermals during the winter.

There are so many other reasons why I love the beginning of the school year, including seeing new faces; indulging in social events before my academic life takes over; seeing Yong & Dundas Square light up every evening as the days shorten; and my birthday (shout out to all the September/October babies woo)!!!  As university students, the majority of our school year runs through the more frigid months, so it’s a real treat to enjoy a few benefits that are unique to fall.

What are your favourite things about Ryerson in the Autumn months?

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