My Favourite Electives at Ryerson

One of the requirements for getting my degree is completing six electives from a wide variety of different faculties at Ryerson. Electives are a great opportunity to explore a new area of learning that you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to in your program. I’ve been able to take some really excellent electives so far that I’d like to share with you all! Here’s my list of my very favourite electives offered at Ryerson!

Electives I’ve taken

1) Laughter and Tears: Comedy and Tragedy: An English course that explores genres of comedy and tragedy in both ancient and modern texts. We studied the conventions of storytelling within these two genres and how they fit together. I loved this course because we got to examine some of my favourite Shakespeare plays from a new perspective. Instead of just reading and studying a text, we discussed how the work had an effect on us and why it’s important in a much larger context. If you love english and laughing and crying while reading, I highly recommend this course!

2) Issues in Third World Politics: A politics course that examines issues of global inequality and democracy and power structures through colonialism and neoliberalism within third world countries. I’m a firm believer that everyone should take at least one politics class in university. I learned the most valuable concepts and information in this class that are critical to how I see the world. The opportunity to learn about how things function, especially in places far away from us, is crucial for developing and growing into young adults. I can’t say enough great things about this class and the fantastic Department of Politics & Public Administration at Ryerson that has allowed me to challenge myself in ways I could never imagine.

3) Religion and Science: A philosophy course that explores various works of philosophers on both the compatibility and incongruence of religious and scientific world views. I know philosophy courses aren’t for everyone, but I highly suggest taking a philosophy course in any area of great interest you to. You’ll be able to think critically about a particular subject while gaining in depth knowledge from insanely intelligent philosophers from around the world. This class was definitely one of those mind blowing experiences that philosophy can often offer. I’ll never forget every interesting piece of information I learned in this class and how it pushed me to open my mind and think differently!

Elective Wishlist

1) Life in the Milky Way Galaxy: I’m obsessed with space, and I’d absolutely love to take this science course on various factors of space exploration. Unfortunately, I don’t have the mind for hardcore scientific study, but I’m sure this class offers a fascinating look on what we’ve learned from space!

2) Action Cinema and Modernity: I’ve never taken a sociology course, but I can imagine a class that studies filmmakers like Tarantino and blockbuster action movies would be highly enjoyable. Learning about a particular topics effect on society is always valuable.

3) Reading, Writing, and Using History:  I also have yet to take a history class, but this course has always intrigued me in that it’s a study of history itself. We often struggle to make history relevant in our lives today, but being able to learn about why history is important, how it shapes our world and how it can often be distorted. I’m certain that I’ll eventually be able to take a history class as interesting at this one!

My favourite electives have turned out to be some of the best courses I’ve taken at Ryerson, and I’m glad I wasn’t afraid to stray too far away from my area of study. Being able to learn new subjects outside of your program is essential to your university experience. I hope I’ve peaked your interest with these electives and you can now head over to the open elective table to see which courses you’re interested in taking! (Note: not all electives are available to all program. Be sure to check out the course calendar for your program!)

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