My Favourite Classes at Ryerson (so far!)

After three years I think I can finally narrow down some of my favourite classes. From electives to liberals, from the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) to the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) and everything in between, here are 5 of my favourite classes taken at Ryerson.


NNS 102

Course Name: Understanding Multimedia Journalism

This course far exceeded my expectations. I always thought I understood how to use multimedia tools, but this course really taught me how to tailor it to a specific audience. My professor for this class currently works for CTV, and was able to give great insight into the industry as well as bring in special guest speakers. All of our assignments were given to us as if we were real journalists looking for a story. For our final project we hosted a Twitter Chat about how to make it into the entertainment and media industry, and we were trending on Twitter!


CMN 448

Course Name: Introduction to Visual Communication

This was a mandatory class for my program, but is still offered to other Ryerson students! Throughout this class I really got to refine my Photoshop and Illustrator skills and even lear a little InDesign. This course was a great break from my daily essay routine that really let me express my creativity in a different way.


MHR 721

Course Name: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Honestly, human resource classes are some of the best classes you can take – they can be applied to every field and every situation. This one I found to be particularly fun and exciting because much of the class and my grade was spent actually negotiating and debating with each other. Plus we always watched the funny and popular “Linda Listen” video at the end (to show us proper negotiation techniques obviously), which always made my day. I was pleasantly surprised at how hands-on this class was and still use a lot of these concepts in my academic and personal life!


PHL 501

Course Name: Social Thought and the Critique of Power

What is power, and who really holds it in contemporary society? Is our government’s power over us legitimate, and what are its proper limits? I’ve always been interested in politics but honestly never knew the history of how it came to be. This course made me question what our government is and also gave me better insight into what the alternative options are and the fancy words being thrown around on CNN are these days. Although this course was challenging I feel I actually learned something very valuable from it.


SOC 202

Course Name: Popular Culture

Any course that lets my write essays about Taylor Swift and memes has got to be a great class. Popular Culture was by far one of my best classroom experiences. Even though it was a 9 a.m. class I was always motivated to go because the course content itself was fun an interesting. This course examines different ideas about popular culture and how they inform our personal politics, consumption practices, and common-sense ideas about the world. It made me look at what we see everyday in a new light.


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