My Favourite Apps for Exercising my Brain

Over the Christmas break, I decided to take some time off social media. However, this did not mean taking a break from my phone. While I refrained from opening apps like Twitter and Instagram (which actually wasn’t hard at all), I still ended up hunting for apps that would improve some of my skills and help me grow as a person. I usually keep apps for, like, 23 seconds before deleting them, but I use some of the ones listed below every single day. Apps with the perfect combination of challenge, fun, and keeping my brain young keeps me coming back for more, and here are my favourite ones!


I absolutely love this app. Elevate is composed of different games that help you improve skills that every individual needs, but are tailored to your performance. This includes subjects like memory, listening, vocabulary, and math. The games show players how to multiply fractions and divide whole numbers more efficiently; remember names by associating them with a person’s occupation and other facts; and identify errors in sentences and speech. This is all done using cute graphics and bright, aesthetically pleasing colours.


Try 43% ha

Try 43% ha

This was the first year that I didn’t have space to take a French course in university. As a result, I started using Duolingo everyday again. This app takes you through different exercises that help you learn an entire language. Lessons are divided into categories like “basics”, “places”, “prepositions” and “adjectives”, where you are asked to translate sentences, repeat phrases, and match words. After completing each one, you essentially “master” that category. However, you have to keep revisiting the different categories to stay sharp! My favourite part about the app is that it tells you how fluent you are in the language you’re learning. I’m pleased to say that I am currently 42% fluent in French.

Wheel of Fortune


Okay, this may not be very innovative, but Wheel of Fortune is still a great game for improving your problem solving and deciphering skills! I always thought I’d be good at playing in real life, and this app has reinforced the notion. Wheel of Fortune has just the right amount of difficulty, that although it’s a familiar game, still keeps you interested in playing. Now, if only the money you win was real. Sigh.

94 Seconds

Okay, who knew what a fretsaw was?

Okay, who knew what a fretsaw was?

I just downloaded this game and I’m already hooked! 94 Seconds gives you, well, 94 seconds to fill in as many blanks as possible, with your answer having to start with a specific letter. For example, it may say to think of a fruit that starts with an “E”, or a type of fish that starts with a “D”. It seems easy at first, but time constraints always increase the pressure. And besides, how many species of fish do you know??


What are your favourite apps for working your brain?

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