FAQs About University and First Year: PART TWO

The past couple of times that I’ve been assigned to operate the RyersonUAR Snapchat account (if you haven’t added us, do itttt: RyersonUAR!), I’ve conducted a mini Q&A.  People asked me questions, and I would try my best to answer them–you know the drill.  And although I’ve chatted with individuals who have applied to different programs, many of you understandably have the same questions regarding getting accepted, choosing Ryerson, and what happens after you do make that choice.  Here are my answers to my most asked questions:

Q: What makes Ryerson stand out?/Why did you choose Ryerson? 

snapchat screenshot

Ryerson is one of the bests of the best!!


If you’re new to this blog or my posts, know that I’m in love with this school.  If you’re not new, this is your weekly reminder that I’m in love with this school. Ryerson stands out because it is innovative, progressive, and career-oriented.  Classes aren’t just theory-based; many give us the opportunity to complete hands-on assignments, and develop more practical skills on the subject we’re learning in the course.  In addition, the content goes beyond the classroom, as you learn information that can actually be applied in the “real world”.  And finally (although I could go on), the location is obviously a huge selling point, and provides students with endless opportunities for entertainment, fun, and personal and professional growth.

Q: What does a typical university week look like?/How long are classes? 

A typical lecture

Typical lecture setup.

Most students have five courses a week, but that is basically the only thing we have in common.  Due to the different combinations for course schedules, one person may attend classes five days in the week, while someone else may have three days off.  However, we still have approximately 15 hours of class per week (lectures are usually three hours).  Some students may experience long breaks between classes, which causes them to stay on campus four hours longer, even though they may only have two classes that day. Fortunately, many of us have at least one day off to catch up on schoolwork, work at a part-time job, or sleep.

Q: Should I attend _______ event?/Is orientation (frosh week) mandatory? 

A picture from the blacklight party during my first year orientation.

PSHHHH NO EVENTS AREN’T FUN (yes they are, go).

Whatever you decide to fill in the blank above, the answer is YES!!!! Especially as an incoming student, go to as many admissions and orientation events/sessions you can!  Choosing the right university is tough, but once you make the decision, it is extremely beneficial to gain as much information and then meet as many people as you possibly can before and during the school year.  Frosh week and other events for first years are usually not mandatory, but I highly recommend everyone attend, so you can experience first hand of what our school’s all about!

Follow Ryerson social media accounts like RyersonUAR, Ryerson Student Life, and Ryerson Student’s Union to stay informed on upcoming events and other opportunities, especially towards the end of August! 


What do you want to know about life at Ryerson??

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